14K gold watch bracelet

Gold watches are, for men, the ultimate luxury jewel.

Elegant and easy to wear, the watches are discreet while being an object of admiration because of their mechanical complexity and the aura of the brands that design and manufacture them.

In this case, we were able to craft a 14K white gold bracelet for our client who wanted it for his Patek Phillip 5054 18K gold luxury watch.

patek philippe 18k white gold watch

The choice was a Milanese bracelet with 19 mm width and a clasp with folding clasp.

The interest of this type of clasp is obvious since the bracelet is enlarged but does not open when the clasp is accidentally opened. Which, for a gold bracelet of this weight is a useful and necessary security.

As this type of gold bracelet was not available on the market for this brand, nor in the dimensions or in the Milanese mesh style desired by our client, the only thing left was the made-to-measure manufacture of the watch strap.

We therefore realized in the workshop the bracelet and the folding clasp in solid gold according to the given measures so that the bracelet fits perfectly with the entrecorne of the gold watch.

gold bracelet for watch in 14k white gold

Here are the steps of the manufacturing.

Making the gold bracelet

Our work begins with the melting of the 14-carat white gold alloy, which is melted into a bar, rolled and stretched to give it the caliber needed to make the bracelet.

You can see this thread on the following image.

gold thread for the making of watch bracelet

Our white gold wire is black because it is dirty and unpolished

Here is a summary of the transformation steps of the gold in order to give it the shape of thread, then the winding of each mesh constituting the Milanese mesh bracelet and finally the bracelet.

making of gold bracelet watch

Notice the hue of 18k white gold, is already appears white even if it has not been polished yet

After mounting more than 150 links in each other, we get our gold bracelet in this form.

white gold bracelet for men watch

The watch clasp with gold folding clasp

The clasp of our bracelet is copied on a steel folding clasp model, adapting the measures to the needs of our project.
steel watch bracelet clasp

We begin our work by producing a white gold laminate which is then cut, shaped and welded to obtain an articulated piece that fits perfectly to form our clasp-buckle.

The job is summarized via the following image.

different stages of fabrication of gold bracelet watch

Fabrication of the gold watch bracelet folding clasp

Once the folding clasp is manufactured, it can be assembled with the rest of the bracelet and make the necessary adjustments to minimize the games

It is then possible to drill on the buckle the adjustment holes of the length of the bracelet and to polish it in order to rhodium it.

finishing and polishing men watch bracelet

Finishing and final rendering of the gold watch bracelet

solid white gold clasp for men watch

Gold bracelet for watch in its case before delivery

Making a bracelet in the form of a flexible mesh chain is always an exciting activity for a jeweler.

If you want to know different types of meshes achievable for your gold watch straps, I suggest you to read this complete article on the subject.

Here is another example of a custom-made watch project with a 18k yellow gold bezel on this watch:

18k gold bezel for watch custom made gold bezel for watch luxury watch with 18k gold bezel


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February 16, 2022 — TRANCHANT NICOLAS

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