2.5 ct Diamond Engagement Ring

Whether for an engagement or to celebrate a wedding anniversary, a diamond ring is the most sought-after jewel for this kind of occasion.

In the case of this diamond ring project, we show you step by step the designing and creation of a custom engagement ring made of a triple shank set with a large oval 1,7 carat diamond. You will notice on the picture that the shank is set with 1,6 millimeter round diamonds for a total de 1,7 carat of diamond.

In total, this ring is set with 2,5 carat of diamond.

2,5 carat diamond ring with large 1,7ct oval diamond

Close-up view of the ring showing the large oval diamond with refracted light, this ring was custom made through our custom jewelry service online

Designing your own engagement ring

If you have been preparing your proposal and already got your unique proposal idea, you certainly have learned how to choose the perfect engagement ring for your fiancée.

From what she loves and already wear, you already know:

  • her ring size
  • what gold colour she prefers
  • the ring design that fits her best (solitaire, pavé...thin or large ring)
  • your budget to determine the diamond size and quality and shape

These details are important so that your jeweller is able to help you design your own engagement ring with diamond ( or any other gemstone).

In the case of this project, our client was the fiancé who was creating in secret the perfect engagement ring for her based on what he knew would make a hit.

Since our client knew what he wanted for his fiancée, there was little iteration in the development of the design, our job being to give shape to our his ideas.

This ring project is first modeled in 3D and built around the main diamond. The digital model of the ring then makes it possible to take rendering pictures of our virtual ring in order to validate the final design of the project with the fiancé.

create your own custom diamond ring

As you can see on the pictures, this ring project is made around a large oval diamond set on a triple shank that is set with small round diamonds. This kind of design is classic in the jewelry, part of the project was to find the perfect diamond in size, shape and quality inside the budget of our client.


design your own enagement ring with rendering views

This step makes it possible to freeze the design of the project without ambiguity and without forgetting each part and following the validation of the project, we can move on to the metal manufacturing of the ring.

1,7 carat oval Diamond: Price, quality and certificate

The ring is designed around the main oval shaped diamond, which quality is F color and SI2 purity with a very good cut.

For such an oval diamond weighing 1,7 carat, you have to consider a budget around 9000 dollars depending on the quality (HSI) and higher if you plan to buy a good quality oval diamond.

Chek our guide on how to choose a diamond.

It is important to highlight the need to get educated about diamonds when comes the time to choose your diamond ring. While everybody knows about the 4Cs to evaluate the diamond's quality, few people know about the importance of the quality cut that reflets the capacity of the diamond to sparkles.

As I often say to our clients, the diamond color is not as important as the quality cut. Your fiancée will never find our if her diamond ring is set with a E or I coloured diamond, but she will notice at first glance the sparkling of her diamond.

Such a diamond always comes with a certificate from an independant gemological laboratory as presented below for our diamond. 

1.7ct oval diamond certificate

1,7 carat oval diamond F, SI2 certificate visible online on igi.org

You will notice that such a large diamond is almost always laser engraved on the girdle for better tracking of the stone and as an insurance against frauds.

oval diamond certificate with laser engraving

The case of this diamond perfectly illustrates how it is possible to choose a diamond well.

Lack of knowledge of diamond classification criteria and their impact on its luminous brilliance drives many buyers to a race for the best criteria, thus rapidly driving up the price of their diamond.

 However, for those who know how to assess the impact of purity and cutting quality on the fires of the diamond, it is then possible to choose diamonds with certain minor defects (such as the impurities of this large diamond visible to the eye under certain angles) which go completely unnoticed in the middle of the diamond's fires (due to the quality of the cut).

This makes it possible to buy diamonds with a very beautiful finish much cheaper than perfect diamonds that an untrained eye cannot differentiate from others.

Making of the custom engagement ring 

Once the diamond ring's design has been validated by the client and the diamond in our possession, we can manufacture the ring. First we 3D print the 3D model in resin which can be used for the godl casting of the ring. 

3D printing the personnalized ring design 

The master of the ring is printed in resin using a 3D printer (sla 3d printer diyfrom the digital file previously validated by the customer. This step takes a few hours and allows us to obtain our ring conforming to the design with an accuracy of 30 microns (0.03 millimeter or 0,0012 inch).

wax model of a custom engagement ring with 1,7 carat oval diamond

 Wax ring 3D printed from the CAD file previously made

18k white gold casting of the diamond ring

The gold ring is obtain through lost wax casting. The wax master is used to make a refractory plaster mold which, once dry, will be burned out to destroy the master. The resin is sublimed by heat and frees space inside the mould.

The molten metal is then poured inside the mould and fills the cavities inside it.

This video summarizes the steps of the process very well, while concerning another ring design:

Here is the white gold ring obtained through lost wax casting, you can see the raw metal just after the casting process before finishing and stone setting.

2,5 carat diamond ring raw gold casting

Diamond setting

Follwing the casting process, the ring is then deburred and prepared to receive the brilliant diamonds of the ring body.

2,5 ct diamond ring

 Pictures showing the sparkles of the diamonds2,5 ct diamond ring

2,5 carat diamond ring on hand

View of the ring on the finger, the large diamond stands out


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