Americans have the custom of celebrating their university degree by offering a gold signet ring with the symbols and emblem of their school.

This tradition is not widespread in France, the rings of this design corresponding more to a need for personalized ring according to the tastes of the recipient.

Creating such a signet ring meets some basic rules that can be followed if you wish to create your own signet ring.

American university gold ring

This university signet ring represents the coat of arms of the school (source)

The American university ring 

The tradition of the university ring dates back to the 1835 promotion of the West Point Military Academy.

It then gradually spread to US civilian university campuses.

Meanings of the American university ring

Initially, the university signet ring of military academies served to mark the cohesion of the military promotion, symbol of belonging to the group of loyalty to his comrades.

Now that the univserial ring is prevalent in civilian universities, it is the symbol and memory of the college years and student life.

The very serious Amy Vanderbilt, American authority on the label, remarked that the ring university was carried (a little as for the classic signet rings) with the coat of arms turned to the bearer during his years of study (in order to remember his goal to reach), then turned outward once graduated.

The design of American university signet rings

The signet ring must take over the School's coat of arms when it has one. In the case of university without coat of arms, it is common to see a ruby, sapphire or small diamonds set on the ring tray.

American university gold signet ring

Key elements of an American university signet ring (source)

The amounts of the ring being generally broad, one finds there engraved symbols and key dates of the promotion and the school.

We thus generally find the date of foundation of the school on one side and the year of graduation from the promotion of the other.

You can also find engraved symbols of buildings or the founder or benefactor of the university.

The coat of arms or the central stone is usually surrounded by an engraving of the school's no.

American university gold signet ring

American university rings (source)

Here you can find explanations of the design of the Class Ring at the now closed Military Academy of Pennsylvania.

The manufacture of university rings

Since it's common to have university rings made in the US, and because of their size, many companies manufacture these rings in series as shown in this video.

Our manufacturing process is very close to this one, although generally we use the same manufacturing means for the manufacture of single pieces or small series of rings.

Other examples of signet rings of this type

As for our jewelry workshop, we have the opportunity to make small series or ring of championships, so that the processes are the same, the manufacturing techniques change a little to make the rings over- measure to the unit or in small series.

Here are examples of such similar style rings or rings made in our jewelry workshop :

American university signet ring American signet ring American kickboxing signet ring
Gold signet ring Gold signet ring Freemason signet ring

For further :

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