Because animals accompany us on a daily basis, they are often represented in the form of jewelry.

This is not new.

Since antiquity, because they symbolize deity or affection, the man has carried animal effigies in the form of pendants, bracelets or rings.

Whether they are wild animals that fascinate us, pets or sports, there are many topics of representation that we will present here.

We have indeed had the opportunity to create animal jewelry of all kinds, mostly silver, representing a wide variety of animals for our customers.

Silver is indeed the precious metal by far the most economical to represent these animal jewelry with a good volume without being limited by the weight of the metal.

Here are some words and pictures that can be created according to your needs via our online jewelry creation service.


1. Eagle   9.  Scarab
2. Lizard 10. Hedgehog
3. Horse 11. Birds
4. Elephant 12. Wolf
5. Butterfly 13. Scorpion
6. Jaguar 14. Snake
7. Lion 15. Taurus
8. Kangaroo 16. Phoenix


1. Eagle rings

Silver signet ring representing an eagle with initial and laurels.

Silver eagle signet ring

Silver eagle signet ring

Custom made gold eagle ring whose manufacture details are presented here (fr).

white gold eagle signet ring

Eagle signet ring in 18-karat white gold

The same 18-karat yellow gold ring gives you an idea of ​​the difference in rendering of this ring by changing the color of the gold.

yellow gold eagle signet ring

Finally this big eagle signet ring takes the design of the two-headed eagle, symbol of the Russian empire, made in white gold and 18-karat yellow gold, it comes from our collection of gold signet rings (fr).

Eagle signet ring

2. Lizard jewelry

Examples of realization of lizard jewelry, made in silver and gold, in our jewelry workshop.

Lizard silver ring

Sterling silver lizard ring

Lizard engagement ring

Gold and diamond lizard engagement ring

Ring representing a lizard entwined around the finger in pure white gold and diamonds, the detail of its manufacture is presented via this link (fr).

Lizard piercing

18-karat white gold lizard piercing

Taking the same design of lambskin as the previous ring, this piercing is made of 18-karat white gold and diamonds.

3. Horse jewelry

Here are different achievements of jewelry on the equestrian theme, as well on the horse itself, as his jockey or horseshoe.

Hand carved gallon horse pendant made of 925 silver, all details are available here (fr).

Horse pendant silver

Horse pendant in sterling silver

Ring silver horses

Silver signet ring showing two horses engraved back to back

You can discover the detail of the manufacture of this signet ring in this article (fr).

Also, here is an example of a horse jewel from our collection of gold pendants.


Horseshoe gold pendant


4. Elephant pendants

silver elephants pendant

Elephant pendant in sterling silver

Pendant carved by hand and made in 925 silver, manufacture details available here.

gold elephant pendant

Elephant pendant in 18-karat gold from our collection, visible here.

5. Butterfly pendants

Pendant of a butterfly made of silver and stones made from a child's drawing, more information on this project via this article (fr).

Silver butterfly pendant

Butterfly pendant in silver and pink rodochrosite

This other pendant in the shape of initials is adorned with a small butterfly openwork in the metal of the jewel.

silver butterfly pendant

6. Jaguar brooch

jaguar brooch silver opal creation

Jaguar brooch in silver, opal and diamonds

Hand carved brooch in sterling silver, representing a diamond-eyed jaguar holding an opal in its claws.

The article detailing the jaguar sculpture and the manufacture of the brooch is visible here (fr).

7. Lion jewelry

Ring in the shape of a lion's head with a particularly realistic rendering. You will learn more about this ring manufacture via this article.

This ring is also available in gold here.

Head lion ring

Head lion signet ring in sterling silver

Silver lion ring

Ring headband with winged lion in silver engraved by hand

white gold lion ring

White gold heraldic lion ring

18-karat white gold signet ring engraved with a heraldic lion.

lion cub silver pendant

Lion cub pendant with black diamonds set on the eyes

8. Kangaroo brooch

Custom-made sculpture and manual again for this silver kangaroo brooch whose details of manufacture is exposed in this article.

Kangaroo silver brooch

Kangaroo brooch in sterling silver and peridot

9. Scarab bracelet

The scarab was a sacred animal revered by the Egyptians. It was represented in the form of amulets carved stone or door in the form of rings.

Here is the representation of a scarab bracelet made of silver.

You'll discover here the stages of its manufacture (fr).


Scarab silver bracelet
Sterling silver scarab bracelet

10. Hedgehog ring

hedgehog silver ring

Hedgehog ring in silver and ruby

Hedgehog ring shaped by hand and set with rubies.

11. Birds pendant 

birds pendants

Silver and heart shaped garnet bird pendant

The manufacture detail of this article is visible here (fr).

gold birds pendants

18-karat gold birds shaped pendants

The detail of manufacture of these pendants is consultable via this article (fr).

12. Wolf ring

This wolf head signet ring comes from our own collection of gold signet rings.

wolf signet ring

White gold and ruby ​​wolf head signet ring of our collection visible here

13. Scorpion jewelry

Scorpion ring in 18-karat white gold, the details of which can be seen here.

Scorpio silver ring

Another example of a scorpion jewel, this urn pendant engraved with a scorpion on the front side :

Scorpio pendant

14. Snake jewelry

Snake is an animal archi-represented in jewelry since antiquity. This article goes into detail on the subject.

This is the animal that we have most often had the opportunity to represented in any form of jewelry.

Hellenic snake arm bracelet reproduced in silver (see details here).

Antique snake arm bracelet

Gold snake ring from our women's gold ring collection.

Snake gold ring

Ouroboros gold ring (fr) also from our collection.

Ouroboros gold ring

Silver snake pendant wrapped on a Egyptian cross of life whose detail of the confection is visible here.

Egyptian pendant

Snake bracelet for women in silver (fr) from our collection.

Snake bracelet

15. Taurus jewelry

Taurus themed signet ring (fr) made with two colors of gold, onyx stone and diamonds.

Taurus signet ring

16. Phoenix themed jewelry

The Phoenix is an animal of Greek mythology that regularly comes back as a theme for jewelry making, like those presented here in the form of rings and pendants.

Phoenix silver ring

Men's ring engraved with a Phoenix spreading its wings in the middle of the flames (manufacture details visible here (fr))

Phoenix silver signet ring

Phoenix in the middle of the flames embossed on a blackened silver black background

Phoenix pendant

Engraved pendant of a phoenix pattern all wings spread


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