Our jewelry creation activity leads us to reproduce from time to time copies of old jewelry.

These reproductions, faithful or inspired by ancient jewelry designs allow us to dive into ancient cultures and sometimes rediscover ancient manufacturing methods.

We offer you a small overview of the different jewelry reproduction projects that we have been able to carry out since 2012.

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Antique jewelry

Greek arm bracelet 

Very old since the original jewel is more than 2300 years old.

This is a gold Hellenic arm bracelet displayed in a museum reproduced in silver 950.

Ancient Greek arm bracelet

Antique arm bracelet reproduced in 950 silver

The bracelet is made of forged silver by hand and has a large set amethyst stone.

All details of this achievement are visible if you read this article.

Arm bracelet inspired by the Greek god Poseidon

The style of this bracelet of arm resumes the trident of Poseidon, with relief moldings and intaglio engravings on a bracelet very smooth arm.

Poseidon arm bracelet

The oxidized silver hollow allows to highlight the reliefs of the bracelet.

Reproduction of ethnic antique jewelry

Since our jewelry shop is located in Mexico, it was normal for us to focus on making antique Mexican jewelry and pre-Columbian jewelry.

Mexican ring 

So we created this Mexican ring taking the tradition of the Mexican Calavera, the famous joyful skull symbolizing the reunion with the dead.

Skull ring

This Mexican ring is from our collection, you can find it here.

Maya jewelry collection

We also launched a collection of Mayan jewels, echoing the style of pre-Columbian jewelry.

Maya jewelry

Made in silver, turquoise or jade, they are inspired by the style of Mayan jewels and other Amerindian ethnic groups prior to the colonization of Mexico.

Celtic or Breton antique jewelry

Triskele is an ancient symbol that is frequently found in both Breton and Celtic culture. It also seems that it shows well before the Celtic culture since we find traces dating back over 4000 years (see the triskele on wikipedia)

This Celtic-inspired arm bracelet features the triskel symbol.

Triskel arm bracelet

Triskele symbol visible in the center of the silver arm bracelet

You can find the manufacture details of this bracelet on this article (fr).

This silver signet ring takes on Breton symbology with this triskel in 18-karat gold over-thickness of the ring top.

Triskel signet ring silver and gold

Vintage earrings

These silver earrings were made of repousse silver, a technique practiced in the past which is not too current in jewelry.

We have reproduced it by traditional means, so you can observe the final rendering compared to the original model.

Antique earrings

Comparative of old and new earrings reproduced in silver

The detail of this reproduction can be consulted via this article.

Ancient Berber jewel

The hand of Fatma is a symbol of the Berber goddess Tanit that is often found in the Eastern and North African culture (Morocco, Egypt and Tuareg ...).

We had the opportunity to reproduce a gold pendant with this symbol of a talisman used against the evil eye.

Fatma hand pendant

The detail of this reproduction is available in this article.

Roman jewel

In the same vein as our collection of Maya jewels, we had the opportunity to reproduce a Roman ring, inspired by the design of two ancient Roman rings found during excavations.

This model of signet ring takes the design of an authentic Roman ring with the engraving of another : SPQR, a common engraving rings of citizens and Roman soldiers.

Roman ring

Find this gold Roman ring here.


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