There are a multitude of styles for silver bangles.

They can be open, closed, solid round or hollow or flat.

This section of our blog brings together different styles of silver bangle that we had the opportunity to manufacture.

In this case, we'll present the creation of a silver bangle bracelet with natural stones.

It's a simple but uncluttered design of a rigid square section articulated bracelet with snap clasp.

This bangle is customizable by the choice of fine stones that make up the decoration of the removable part of the bracelet.

bangle natural stones

Silver bangle bracelet made via our online creation service

Beyond the choice of design, customization can be done on the number and type of stones that adorn the bangle.

In this case, the choice was left to right on malachite, onyx (fr), pink quartz, turquoise stone and lapis lazuli stone.

Our job is to shape the silver bangle and then cut each stone to put them in place on the bangle.

Bangle creation 

There's work !

First of all, you have to make sure of the correct dimensions of the bracelet by measuring the wrist circumference (fr).

Then work begins with the rolling of a 925 silver bar shaped to respect the rectangular section of 5 millimeters wide by 3 millimeters of thickness of the body of the bracelet.

You'll notice that the bangle has an almost rectangular shape and not oval or round.


Adjustment of the silver bangle which will then be customized

bangle natural stones

View of the two articulated parts of the bangle before their fixation

The upper part is then dug to create the channel that will receive the gemstones.

Size and inlay of natural stones

In the hollow cavity in the upper part of the bracelet, silver separators are placed and then welded in place.

The excavated part has been transformed into 5 cavities able to receive each a stone of different color.

bangle natural stones

View of housing dug for fine stones

The inserted stones are cabochon-shaped stones that have been cut in order to fit just in their home.

custom bangle

Cutting a cabochon turquoise stone (read our article about turquoise)

custom bangle

Pink quartz stone in short cut

Stones are cut with specific diamond discs. Tools and stones are cooled with water to prevent the heat from breaking the stones.

You can get a better idea of ​​this work as shown in the following video showing the cut of a natural onyx cabochon for this other project (fr) :

It's a painstaking job that takes time and sometimes the stone breaks, so you have to start the work again.

bangle natural stones

View of natural stones being cut and fitting on the silver bangle bracelet, we recognize turquoise, onyx and lapis lazuli among others

Once put in the right shape, the stones are adjusted to fit perfectly in their cavity, then are glued in place with resin.

bangle natural stones

View of the stones glued during the polishing phase

Once all stones are polished, they arrive flush with the silver of the bangle.

bangle natural stones

View of the bracelet following the setting of the incrusted stones

At this point we can start polishing the bracelet as a whole.

bangle natural stones

View of the rhodium-free polished silver bracelet

bangle natural stones

bangle natural stones

View of the bangle worn on the wrist showing the stones

bangle natural stones

View of the bangle in its case


Here are some examples of other rigid bracelets and silver bangles made in our jewelry workshop :

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For further :

August 26, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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