Big silver links chain bracelets are flattering for men.

We had already had the opportunity to make one of these big bracelets for a customer.

It was a three-row gourmette bracelet with manufacture details visible here (fr).

In this case, it is again a curb chain bracelet, but the links of the bracelet are very wide since it's 18 millimeters wide.

big links chain bracelet

View of the 18 mm large links of the bracelet

With a length of 22.5 centimeters and a width of 18 millimeters, this bracelet is about 80 grams in sterling silver.

Links manufacture 

The work begins with the melting of a rolled silver bar to obtain a wire, which is square in shape because of the geometry of the rolling mill rolls.

silver wire

Laminated wire of square shape before shaping

This thread is then passed through a die to give it its round shape and the right diameter.

Then it is wrapped around a mandrel to get a spiral, spiral that you can see below.

silver spiral

Our spiral made of silver wire in which will be cut our links

The spiral is then cut with a saw, allowing us to get our links.

These are then individually opened, slipped into another link and then closed and welded to obtain our chain.

This chain is then put in tension, the links twisted then filed in order to give them the characteristic geometry of gourmettes visible here.

big bracelet

Close-up view of the large links of our bracelet

At this point, we need to start manufacturing the closure system.

Development of the ratchet clasp

The manufacture of the clasp also begins with rolling, a plate this time.

silver plate

Plate used to make the mechanical clasp of the bracelet

silver plate

Cutting the silver plate to make the clasp

This plate is cut, bent and welded to manufacture the two male and female parts of the clasp.

silver clasp

Clasp finalized before finishing

silver clasp

Manufacture of the female part of the clasp

silver plate

Fastening by welding the lower plate of the female part of the clasp

We then have to fix by welding the two parts of the clasp at the ends of our pre-made chain.

big chain bracelet

 big chain bracelet

 big links chain bracelet

Detail view of our ratchet clasp mounted on the bracelet

We can then go to finishes, including polishing that allows us to give it its reflection so white to silver.

big links chain bracelet

Open bracelet, we appreciate the big links of type gourmette

big links chain bracelet

big links chain bracelet

View showing the bracelet worn on the wrist and detailing its large meshes type gourmette

big links chain bracelet

big links chain bracelet

View of the bracelet in its case


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September 18, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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