Whether for an engagement or to celebrate a wedding anniversary, a diamond ring is the most sought-after jewel for this type of occasion.

In the case presented here, it is the custom-made creation of a ring with a large oval diamond main mounted on a ring with three rings, themselves set with round brilliant diamonds.

The weight of the main diamond is 1.7 carats while the brilliants on the studs of the ring are 1.6 mm, for a total weight of 0.75 carat.

The total diamond weight of the ring is 2.45 carats.

Big diamond ring

Close-up view of the ring showing the big diamond with the lights of it which are noticeable by the decomposition of the light spectrum


Our client knew what he wanted, there was little iterations to design, our work to shape the ideas of our sponsor.

Our ring project is first modeled in 3D and is built around the main diamond.

The digital model allows you to take pictures of our virtual ring to validate the final rendering of the project with the client.

design big diamond ring

Virtual photos of the digital model

This step frees the design of the project without ambiguity and omissions of each part and following the validation of the project, we can move to the metal manufacture of the ring.

Big diamond of 1,7 carat

The ring is thought around the main diamond, oval and good quality.

The latter is F color, SI2 clarity and has a good size, which is important for the brightness of the diamond, despite impurities reported on the certificate (this article on the certicate of diamonds will be useful).

Diamond certificate

Diamond certificate which can also be consulted online here on the IGI website

The case of this diamond illustrates perfectly how it is possible to choose a diamond.

Lack of knowledge of the criteria for classifying diamonds and their impact on its luminous brilliance pushes many buyers to a race with the best criteria, thus rapidly increasing the price of their diamond.

However, for those who know how to evaluate the impact of purity and the quality of cut on the diamond fires, it is then possible to choose diamonds presenting some minor defects (as the impurities of this big diamond visible to the eye under certain angles) that go totally unnoticed in the middle of diamond fires (because of cut).

This makes it possible to buy diamonds with a very beautiful rendering much cheaper than perfect diamonds that an untrained eye can not differentiate from the others.

Ring manufacture 

Once the design is validated by the customer and the diamond in our possession, we can manufacture the ring, by 3D printing at first, then in white gold.

3D printing

The master of the ring is printed in resin using a 3D printer from the digital file validated beforehand by the customer. This step takes a few hours and allows us to get our ring conforming to the design with an accuracy of 30 microns (0.03 mm).

wax model big ring

Resin model of our ring printed in 3D

The melting process

It is by the process of lost wax casting that we get our ring. The wax master is used to make a refractory plaster mold that once dry will be burned to destroy the master.

The molten gold is then poured into the mold, filling the now hollow cavity of the master.

This video summarizes the steps of the process.

Here is the obtained white gold ring, raw exit from the cast step.

Big ring

Our ring at the end of the cast

Crimping and finishing

The ring is then deburred and prepared to receive the brilliant diamonds of the ring body.

big diamond ring

View of small brilliants being crimped

big diamond ring

Ring entirely set with small diamonds before the introduction of the large oval diamond

Following the setting of the main diamond, we can appreciate the final rendering :

Big diamond ring

Big diamond ring

 Big diamond ring

This view shows us the diamond fires

Big diamond ring

View of the ring worn on finger, the big diamond spring well

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September 24, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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