Men usually wear fewer rings, but tend to choose big pure gold rings or signet rings (fr).

We present in this article the creation of a large rectangular ring topped with silver initials.

Big rings like this one are quite heavy, so choosing 14-karat gold is a good option to limit the gold weight and the cost of a ring.

Compared to an identical 18-karat gold ring, the choice of 14-karat gold saves almost 5 grams of 24-karat gold.

For a total weight of around 23 grams, the 14-karat gold weight is nearly 20 grams.

This ring has a large flat plate on which are welded two interlaced N silver. It has been made to measure through our online ring creation service.

Big gold ring

Big 14-karat gold men's ring, made via our online service

Other examples of big gold rings for men made in our jewelry workshop :

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Project design

This project is inspired by this other design of big silver double ring for men.

Our work begins with the design of the ring.

This CAD modeling step allows us to freeze dimensions, visualize ring volumes and accurately estimate the gold weight of our ring project.

Big ring dimensions

3D modeling of our metal fabrication front ring

Manufacture with bench pin 

Once the design is validated by the client, we can go to work with gold and silver.

Manufacture of 14-karat gold pieces 

It begins with the manufacture of metal strips to make the walls of the hollow cube receiving the silver letters.

big gold ring manufacture

14-karat gold strip serving for the edges of the ring cube

A large 14-karat gold wire is rolled to obtain a gold strip.

This gold band is then cut and folded to form a right angle.

The repeated operation allows us to form a square, base of the cube that will be mounted on the ring ring.

ring manufacture

View of the edges of the cube before soldering the two brackets together

ring manufacture

We then laminate a block of gold to obtain a plate, on which we will weld the cube manufactured before.

ring manufacture

14-karat gold plate rolled

ring manufacture

Presentation of the frame on the plate, the picture shows the inner part of the cube on which will be soldered the initials in silver

ring manufacture

Our two brazed pieces, the square on the laminated plate, thus forming the desired cubic shape for the manufacture of our ring

We then have to cut the excess of the plate.

ring making

Gold plate being cut with a saw (bocfil)

We then realize the ring of the ring, from another gold band that is bent and welded to obtain a ring of the right dimensions.

ring making

We see our gold ring with the legs supporting the cube of the ring


The supports of the cube being brazed on the ring

Our gold pieces making up the ring are now ready.

ring making

The ring of the ring and the cube receiving the letters are manufactured

We can then move on to making silver letters.

Making silver initials

Thanks to the numerical modeling of the ring project, we have already determined the font and the size of the initials. This 3D model is used to print a drawing of letters in size 1: 1.

It is glued on a 925 silver-plated plate for saw cutting.

initials making

Silver letters being cut

We now have all the pieces constituting our ring ready to be assembled.

ring pieces

Our three constituent subassemblies the ring

We can then weld our different pieces to each other, first the cube on the ring, then the silver letters on the gold cube.

big gold ring

The ring being brazed from the different parts

big gold ring

View of the ring before polishing

big gold ring

Side view showing the height of the ring

big gold ring

big 14-karat gold ring

Big 14-karat gold initial ring worn on the finger

Other examples of big rings for men

Here are some examples of making large men's rings in gold or silver, made in our jewelry workshop, via our custom ring creation service.

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For further :


September 13, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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