For men with big hands and therefore a large finger size, it is often difficult to find online or in jewelry stands, rings or signet rings adapted to their measurement.

We generally speak about large size finger or plus size ring for size US 12 or bigger, which correspond to a European size of EEC 68.

It is, therefore, necessary for some customers to use our service to get a custom made ring that fits their finger size.

If you are unsure about your own finger size, this article will show you how to measure your ring size.

If you're not sure which finger will wear your ring, this article will help you find our the best finger that suits you to wear your signet ring.

Over time, we had the opportunity to make several personalized signet rings for sizes of EEC 70, 72, 74 and 82 which range from US 13 to US 16.

Making large size rings for men

If for our customers a large ring is just a ring a little larger, the thing is more complicated for the jeweler.

Indeed, a large ring implies that the ring mandrel usually used by the jeweler is not big enough to measure the ring size.

In fact, standard stubbles can measure ring sizes up to a ring size of 68.

large size mandrels ring for plus size mens rings

Two ring mandrels, at the bottom the normal one, upside, the large size mandrel ring

For sizes beyond 68, it is necessary to have a specific ring mandrel adapted to large finger size as shown in the previous picture.

Ring sizing from US 12 to US 16

Here they are:

large size amethyst silver ring for men

Large amethyst signet ring for men sizing US 15, see here how we made this ring

Large gold signet ring for men with big onyx stone and 2 diamonds

 Gold onyx ring for men in size US 13 with two HSI white diamonds from our signet ring collection

Big onyx ring for men sizing large

 Large onyx stone set on a gold signet ring sizing US 13, also from our collection

large silver signet ring with 18 gold details for men

Custom made signet ring in silver and 18k gold sizing US 12, discover here the step by step process used to make this ring

initial men silver ring with 18k gold monogram

Men silver ring with 18k gold monogram sizing large with US 13 size

Lion's head large silver ring for men sizing US 16.

plus size silver men ring sizing huge

Even on my thumb, this ring looks much bigger than my finger.


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