Necklace is a fundamental jewel of feminine finery.

Because it's seen from afar highlighting the face and bust, the necklace is often more important than rings or bracelets.

In the case of this creation, it's a large silver necklace made to measure.

This necklace is made of large links type curb 23 millimeters wide and is 45 centimeters in length.

Its links are made of a silver wire of 5 millimeters in diameter, so that the collar totals a weight of 330 grams.

It's therefore a very big necklace, imposing of which we'll detail you the stages of manufacture.

big silver necklace women

Necklace with large links silver curbs, manufactured via our online service

If this necklace is composed of curb chain maille weaves, it could have been made of one of the many chain maille weaves listed in this guide.

Note that Vivalatina jewelry shop manufactures in its workshop a vast choice of tailor-made chains necklaces of which you'll find reports of manufacture here.

Here are some examples of other large silver necklaces for women from our necklaces collection (fr) :

big silver necklace Maya big silver necklace big silver necklace

Silver wire 

Manufacture begins with making a silver wire with the right diameter.

For this purpose, an elongated ingot is cast in a mold.

silver ingot

Silver ingot of elongated form

This is then passed to the mill to stretch it and give it a dimension close to the final dimension (but square instead of round).

Our bar then became a thread, which must pass through a die to give it a round shape and the right diameter.

drawing silver wire

Silver wire passed to the mill to give it the right diameter

From time to time the wire is annealed to facilitate its shaping.

drawing silver wire

Silver wire annealed with a blowtorch


Once our wire is round and of good diameter, it is wound on a mandrel to form a spiral.

spiral silver wire

Silver spiral for making necklace links

This spiral is then cut with a saw to obtain the visible links here :

big silver necklace

Links that have just been cut from our spiral of silver wire

These links are then twisted to open them, assembled, and then twisted to close them.

Then each link is then welded to close it securely, the next stages of manufacturing requiring a lot of effort on the mesh, they must be strong.

big silver necklace women

View of assembled and welded links

As shown in the previous picture, meshes are then twisted manually to give them their characteristic shape.

It's a physical work for a wire of such diameter.

Our chain is then fixed with wax on a wooden template, allowing us to keep it rigid and fixed for the filing operation, which will give it its flat faces.

big silver necklace women

Necklace fixed with wax

big silver necklace women

Photo showing the result after filing and polishing the facets of the links

We can begin the manufacture of the ratchet clasp of the necklace, which is not detailed here but you'll find the principle by browsing this article (fr).

big silver necklace clasp

View of the ratchet clasp of the necklace

Close-up showing the particularly large ratchet clasp of the necklace, once finalized. You'll notice the two security holes on both sides of the clasp to secure the closure despite the heavy weight of the necklace.

silver clasp necklace

big silver clasp


The actual manufacture being completed, it remains nevertheless to make retouches and to polish the whole collar.

In order to obtain this result.

big silver necklace women

big silver necklace women

Side view of our silver chain necklace

Here are some examples of realizations of big silver jewels using large meshes or of significant weight :

big curb chain bracelet rice grain mesh bracelet big silver curb chain bracelet


For further :

August 29, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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