Blue topaz stone is the best known of the many variants of topaz.

This stone can indeed take colors ranging from orange to pink through purple ; as explained in this complete article on topaz stone.

Topaz is particularly popular in making engagement rings. To break with the classic and expensive diamond so difficult to choose, the topaz stone can offer a very reasonable price for a large stone color pleasing to the eye, original which is as good with the yellow gold as white gold.

We will detail the manufacture of different designs of gold rings with blue topaz crafted in our own jewelry workshop.

engagement gold ring with blue topaz stone and amethyst stones engagement ring wit blue topaz stone engagement silver ring with blue topaz


How to choose the topaz of your ring

Maybe you did not know, but blue topaz can have different shades of blue.

Different shades of blue topaz stone

From left to right, sky blue topaz, swiss blue and london blue

As you can see in the above picture, blue topaz stone takes on different shades :

  • Sky blue topaz is sky blue
  • Topaz Swiss Blue is blue Caribbean
  • London blue topaz is deep blue

Regardless of the chosen stone's shape, you can also play on the blue shade of your topaz.

different shades of blue topaz stones

This view shows oval, princess, round and oval topaz stones with blue shade ranging from light to dark.

Gold ring with princess topaz stone 

This gold ring pattern is a direct inspiration from our Izacalia ring design shown here.


Originally, this ring is set with a 4 millimeter princess cut diamond, but for our client, we have modified the design to fit a 6.5 millimeter stone size.

comparative of the gold before and after the modification of the size stone

View showing the Izcalia ring with 4 mm diamond and after modification with a 6.5 mm topaz stone

This modification allows it to have a bigger color stone for a much smaller budget than the same diamond ring design.

gold ring blue topaz

Izcalia blue topaz ring in 18-karat yellow gold

Gold manufacture

Once the ring design is adapted to our stone, a wax model is printed by 3D printing to make the ring size and stone assembly tests.

manufacture gold ring blue topaz

Our topaz stone in place on the ring's wax model before manufacturing


Follows the lost wax casting step, allowing us to get our 18-karat yellow gold ring from our wax model.

This thousand-year-old jewelry technique involves making a refractory plaster mold using our wax model, then destroying the model by heating the mold.

The molten gold is then poured into the mold and takes the form of the impression left free in the mold.

This video summarizes the steps of this process: 

We thus obtain our ring design in 18-karat gold, raw cast iron.

topaz ring in raw gold

Gold ring at the outlet of the cast iron before the polishing steps

Metalwork then begins.

Our ring body is then deburred, and polished before mounting the stone in place.

Gold ring showing big blue topaz

view of 3/4 gold ring topaze

Zoomed view of the princess cut topaz of the ring

Engagement gold ring with blue topaz stone

View of the topaz ring worn on the finger

Engagement ring with topaz and pear amethyst stone

For this other topaz ring project, this is a custom made yellow gold engagement ring.

If the budget for your engagement ring project allows it, this is surely the ideal solution to please. Simply choose the desired ring design and know your finger size to launch such a project.

In this case, it's an engagement ring drawn around a large stone of blue topaz carved in the shape of a pear.

The 18-karat yellow gold ring follows the tip of the topaz, which faces three small amethyst stones, also cut in the shape of a pear.

Engagement ring topaz and amethyst

Gold topaz ring with three small amethyst stones


For this project, our client knew exactly what she wanted, so we started from the sketch she gave us.

sketch of a custom ring

Drawing, topaz ring blank to manufacture

Our client is not a professional in the jewelry sector and because jewelry design is a very demanding activity, we designed her ring project with our CAD tools.

And this in order to present a visual rendering faithful to what she could hope to expect once the ring is made.

Here is the rendering of this modeling.

engagement ring topaz and amethyst

Modeled in CAD, the ring comes alive


Once the design is validated by our client, we can start manufacturing the 18-karat yellow gold ring by the lost wax casting process, following the same steps as for the ring's manufacture presented before.

raw yellow gold foundry ring

Notice the raw look of gold and the claws that will be used to crimp the stones

Following this step, the finishing step begins with cutting the supply channels of our ring and polishing the gold.

Then comes the crimping of the stones to their respective locations.

blue topaz and amethyst

Topaz and amethyst stones that will be set on the ring

To give this result.

engagement ring highlighting a blue topaz stone

Topaz stone perspective with amethysts in the foreground

gold engagement ring with topaz stone and 3 amethyst stones

Close up on our ring's topaz stone

White gold ring with round topaz

Finally, third example of ring design with topaz.

It's made at the wooden bench pin from an 18-karat white gold laminate and is set with a round Swiss Blue topaz stone 6 millimeters in diameter and a marquise-cut sapphire.

Note that white gold has been rhodium plated.

white gold ring with blue topaz stone

View showing the blue of the two stones

Blue topaz ring worn on the finger

White gold topaz ring worn on the finger

Other realizations of jewels with blue topaz stones, jewels realized in our jewelry workshop :

silver ring with blue topaz stone silver brooch with blue topaz stone


For further : 

July 24, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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