When for marriage is sought an original wedding ring, it's usually a puzzle.

Like making an original design of a concept as simple as the wedding ring, which is mostly a simple gold ring.

This is where the work of the material becomes important, the gold finish can give a totally different look to gold while retaining a classic gold wedding ring (fr) design.

Brushed gold is with hammered gold, one of the simplest and most economical ways to give a totally original look to gold and to change totally, but easily the rendering of a ring.

Due to its raw appearance, brushed gold is much more in demand for men's and women's wedding rings.

You'll discover below the steps of manufacture a relatively simple brushed white gold wedding ring and see what is the difference between rhodium-plated and non-rhodium-plated brushed white gold.

Brushed white gold wedding ring

Wedding ring in white gold brushed with 4 small brilliants, made in our jewelry workshop

Wedding ring design

Our project begins with the modeling of the wedding ring project according to the requirements of our client.

Brushed white gold wedding ring design

Our customer knowing exactly what he wanted, we started from his own ring design to build the digital model of the project shown below.

This allows us to determine the volumes and the weight of gold and to position the 4 small HSI quality diamonds on the amount of the ring.

The visual rendering is as follows.

Brushed white gold wedding ring design

Seen from the project of wedding ring in white gold

The virtual rendering here doesn't take into account, the brushed rendering of gold.

Once the design is validated, we still have to custom-make this ring design.

Manufacture with bench pin

In most of our custom made manufactures we use 3D printing and the lost-wax process when shapes and volumes are complex.

This is not the case for this project, whose simple geometric shapes allow us to make this wedding ring at the bench pin (wooden protuberance of the workbench on which the jeweler relies to work gold or silver).

An 18-karat white gold plate is laminated, then the shapes of the ring are traced with a point.

The manufacturing work then begins with the cutting of the profile of the ring in a gold plate 2.5 millimeters thick.

Brushed white gold wedding ring

White gold wedding ring being cut, placed on the bench pin

We see that the profile has been drawn beforehand and that the thickness of the plate is much larger now than in the end.

Brushed white gold wedding ring

View of the ring after cutting and the end has been refined, and the ring is brushed with a brush mounted on a drum

Diamonds are then crimped in place, this is a closed setting.

Brushed white gold wedding ring

View of the finished ring in brushed white gold without rhodium

I won't re-explain you what rhoding is, you'll find all the information in this article.

If you've read our article on white gold, you know that white gold is not as white as silver or rhodium.

As you can see in this picture, our brushed white gold ring looks slightly yellow on a white surface.

Brushed white gold wedding ring

White gold ring brushed but not rhodium plated

It should be noted that the treatment of the image in brightness and in contrast accentuate the yellow effect.

However, the brushed look while preventing the reflection of light darkens the ring, accentuating the contrast with the white background.

We then proceeded to a rhodium plating of the ring.

Giving this result visible in photos.

Brushed white gold wedding ring

Wedding ring in brushed white gold and rhodium

Brushed white gold wedding ring


For your wedding project in brushed white gold, take into account the importance of rhodium on the final appearance of gold and that the brushing of gold will darken the light rendering of the ring.

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September 26, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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