Celtic culture is characterized by particular symbols, found in Eastern Europe.

These symbols are also used for tattoos or jewelry designs.

In this case, it is a pair of sterling silver wedding rings engraved with Celtic symbols.

We'll accompany you in the discovery of the manufacture of these wedding rings.

Celtic wedding rings

Celtic wedding rings engraved in sterling silver

Wedding rings design

Our project begins with the design of the Celtic motifs provided by our client.

This is a repetition of spirals and triskels around the perimeter of the wedding rings, as shown in the picture below.

Celtic engraving

Patterns having served as a model for the engraving of Celtic motifs of wedding rings 

Creation begins with the creation of a numerical model of wedding rings with the engraving of the reasons above.

You can see below the digital model seen on the left and in the form of virtual photography on the right.

This step allows us to have the design validated and to start the production by being certain to understand us well with the sponsor of the project for the design of the jewel.

wedding rings design

Digital model of wedding rings with engraved representation of Celtic motifs

From screen to metal, the manufacture

Once the 3D model is validated, we can move on to the manufacture phase.

A 3D printer allows us to print our design in resin, to physically obtain our real ring, printed from a virtual model.

wax model wedding ring

Our Celtic ring at the end of 3D printing

The masters of the wedding rings are then used to make a refractory plaster mold, in which mold the molten silver is poured in order to obtain our sterling silver wedding rings.

Celtic wedding ring

Our silver ring with the engraving of Celtic patterns

We then have to do all the finishing, detailing and blackening of the hollows to obtain a nice effect of contrasts with the polished silver reliefs of the ring.

Here is the final result.

celtic wedding rings

Detail view above of Celtic engravings and a wedding ring at the finger below

celtic wedding ring

Wedding rings are then engraved with the first names of the couple.

celtic wedding rings engraved

View of the engraving of the names inside the rings 

Here are some Celtic jewels of a spirit similar to those wedding rings that we had the opportunity to manufacture in our jewelry workshop.

Celtic trickle silver and gold signet ring celtic silver upper arm bracelet
Triskel pendant Claddaph ring Celtic cross pendant


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September 24, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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