If you're about to celebrate your engagement or your wedding, you're definitely looking to offer a diamond ring for the event.

Diamond being eternal and the most fashionable precious stone for more than 80 years now, it's logically the stone of choice to adorn a ring that will wear your wife all her life.

Far from being economical, diamond is beautiful and indeed the most expensive precious stone.

So how to marry your diamond cravings with a limited budget ?

cheap diamond ring pink gold

Economic diamond ring from the Vivalatina wedding rings collection

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cheap diamond ring diamond wedding rings engagement ring diamonds


Exemple of diamond rings from our engagement ring collection

You want to make the most of your budget to choose your wedding rings or your engagement ring at the best price, so you're in the right place!

Because this guide will help you to make your choice of your ring criteria and your diamond.

Incidentally, I point out that you're looking for a cheap diamond ring, while diamond is the most expensive materials in jewelry.

If this inconsistency doesn't slow you down, follow this guide to get a clearer picture.  

economic diamond ring

Economical diamond ring

You'll discover :

  1. Criteria that influence the price of your diamond ring
  2. Which ring design to choose
  3. Which precious metal is best for your budget
  4. How to choose the diamond of your ring
  5. The influence of the brand on the price
  6. Economic stones serving as an alternative to diamond

Price criteria of a diamond ring

The final price you'll pay for your ring depends on 4 factors :

  1. Ring design
  2. Metal of your ring (nature and weight of the metal)
  3. Diamond (weight and quality)
  4. Brand

Materials, gold and diamonds, account for a significant part of the price paid, but design and branding can also have a big impact on price, especially for simple, clean models.

Design and brand are subjective value factors with a strong social impact, while gold and diamonds have an objective value.

Do you buy a ring for yourself or for your image?

Answering this question will help you define your need.

engagement ring diamonds between 500 and 1000 dollars engagement ring less than 500 dollars engagement ring gold with diamond

Ring design

Three options are available to you :

  1. Classic design
  2. Complex design
  3. Unique custom design

The weight of the precious metal (gold, palladium gold or platinum) influences the price of your ring. But a simple mass-produced design will be much cheaper on equal weight than a unique custom-made ring design.

For a budget under 200 dollars, you should find your happiness here :

For a budget between 200 and 700 dollars, these collections will interest you :

If you want a custom diamond wedding ring, you'll have to make concessions on the other criteria of your ring, diamond in particular.

In the latter case, asking for a quote helps to better understand what you can have for your budget.

trilogy engagement rings diamond engagement ring solitaire diamond engagement ring gold solitaire diamond

Choosing the precious metal

There is a wide choice of precious metals varying in purity and color allowing you to modulate the price of your ring according to your choice :


Silver is the most economical precious metal. It tends to darken over time if it's not rhodium plated, and therefore requires some maintenance.

Many forget it, thinking that silver for a diamond wedding ring is knock-on, while once plated with rhodium, you can't see the difference between silver and white gold.

If your budget is very tight, silver is a good solution. Compared to poor quality white gold that turns yellow, it won't require more maintenance.


Gold is yellow, pink or white for the most common alloys in jewelry (discover all the gold colors).

It can also vary of different purities :

  • 9-karat gold is an alloy of 37.5% pure gold (375/1000)
  • 14-karat gold is an alloy of 58.3% pure gold (583/1000)
  • 18-karat gold is an alloy of 75% pure gold (750/1000)gold different alloys

Different gold colors

Yellow gold and pink gold draw their color from the alloy that composes them, therefore their color is durable and doesn't fade over time, nor with the friction or the shocks.

The case of white gold, this one is more complex.

White gold is the result of a mixture of various metals (alloy) with pure yellow gold.

There isn't a single alloy recipe but several and of different qualities.

"White" metals are used in this alloy, which give color to white gold. These metals can be nickel, silver and palladium among others. (Nickel was banned from marketing for jewelry in 2000).

Depending on the quality of the alloy, white gold is more or less white, it can be gray or tend slightly towards yellow. Hence the reputation of the white gold that turns yellow.

white gold ring 18k

White gold ring before polishing and rhodium plating showing the natural color of the alloy

In fact we cover the white gold of a rhodium plating to give it its color so white. When this layer of rhodium fades due to wear, the white gold appears, showing its true color and quality.

There are gold alloys giving a white color to gold. Alloys of good quality, or those containing palladium do not pull to gray or yellow. Of course these white gold alloys are more expensive than others.


Although platinum is generally a little cheaper than gold, platinum rings are 95% pure (compared to 75% in general for gold) and the making process of a platinum ring is more expensive than gold, which is why platinum rings are more expensive than gold rings.

platinum engagement ring

Platinum rings with diamonds are among the most expensive (source)

Platinum is naturally white, its color is durable and requires no maintenance despite friction.

Which diamond to choose ?

Most of those who are looking for a diamond ring as cheap as possible, buy a diamond for what it is without worrying about the quality criteria used to classify diamonds.

The standard quality of diamonds used for jewelry are H-colored diamonds and SI clarity. (I recommend this article on diamond quality criteria if you don't know much about it)

If your budget is tight but not ridiculous, taking time to choose your diamond can make a big difference to your ring.

how to choose a diamond

Choosing a diamond 

Indeed, if you have the option to choose the diamond that you will mount on your ring, you can choose at leisure all the quality criteria of your diamond to optimize either its cut, its brilliance or its color according to your tastes while respecting your budget.

Diamond's color

If your ring is in yellow gold or pink gold, you can choose a diamond of color I, J or K without this being visible. Indeed, the color contrast between the ring and the diamond will favor the perception of the white of the diamond.

GIA color scale

Knowing your diamond's color (source)

In addition, the color gradation of the uncrimped diamond is done in special light conditions and by experts. I challenge you to see the difference in hue between a H-colored diamond and a K-colored diamond once set on their mount.

engagement ring black and white diamonds engagement ring diamond 18k gold ring for men


Examples of gold rings with colored diamonds, black or blue

Diamond's brilliance 

More than color, brilliance is noticed and appreciated more easily.

Diamond's brilliance depends on the cut quality and its purity. It's not recommended to choose a diamond of lower quality than SI because it affects its brilliance.

There are diamonds of purity Si1 and Si2. Do you know what is the purity of the diamond you are about to buy ?

Do you have a certificate that proves it ?

authenticity certificate GIA

The certificate specifies the quality criteria influencing the brilliance of the diamond

La plupart des diamants de poids inférieur à 0,3 carat n'ont pas de certificat de garantie car celui-ci coûterait trop cher par rapport au prix du diamant.

Si vous n'avez pas de certificat pour votre diamant, mais que sa brillance vous saute littéralement aux yeux, alors pas de panique, vous avez un diamant qui vit et qui se voit, c'est le principal.

Diamond size

You're looking for a diamond that imposes but the price discourages you.

Don't give up, there is a trick to "cheat".

Indeed, compare the size of these round diamonds :

  • A 0.25 carat round diamond is approximately 4 millimeters in diameter
  • A 0.5-carat round dimmer is about 5 millimeters in diameter
  • A 1 carat round diamond is approximately 6.5 millimeters in diameter

    comparative dimension diamonds

    Diamond size comparison according to its weight

    As you can see, increasing the diamond size greatly impacts the weight but not the visible size of your diamond.

    The solution is to choose a diamond mounted Halo, your main diamond is surrounded by a crimp of small diamonds of low weight greatly increasing the visible diamond surface but low impact your budget.

    Halo diamond

    This visual shows the difference on the diamond weight of a Halo crimp


    If your diamond ring is from a luxury brand, prices fly away.

    Yet gold and diamond are from the earth, what is the specificity of a diamond ring scratched?

    When you buy your ring in a brand jewelry, you pay the marketing of it, the exclusive design and the artistic touch of the designer.

    Buying a brand is also a guarantee of irreproachable quality, normally.

    That's why you can have significant price differences between two similar rings in design, weight of gold and diamonds if one is branded and the other is not.

    Alternatives to white diamond

    If you want a diamond ring style of wedding ring without the composition of the stone matters to you, then there are several choices of natural stones or synthetic giving you a very close to the diamond.

    Non-experts will only see fire and you'll significantly reduce your budget.


    Moissanite is silicon carbide.

    It's the hardest mineral after diamond, with a hardness of 9.5 on the Mohs scale, while diamond has a hardness of 10 and the sapphires and rubies a hardness of 9.

    Moissanite imitates very well diamond reflections and is much cheaper than this one, especially as there are artificially created moissanites, like those proposed for sale by this website.

    white diamonds

    Comparison of a white sapphire, moissanite and diamond (source)

    White sapphire 

    Almost unknown to the public, sapphire can indeed be colorless.

    Its composition differs from that of diamond, its hardness is 9 and its chips are not comparable to those of a diamond. But not all diamonds have the splinters that we see in advertising.


    Zircon is zirconium oxide, imitating diamond very well. It's a very common mineral whose cut techniques are very advanced and the production of synthetic zircon gives stones without impurities.


    It's a very good and very economical option for a big stone that looks like diamond.


    White topaz is a mineral also little known, with a composition different from that of diamond, this stone is very affordable.

    White topaze

    White topaz doesn't have the fire of a good quality diamond but is very economical

    Colored diamonds

    If natural-colored diamonds are much more expensive than white diamonds, natural diamonds are color-processed by far more economical than their colorless equivalent.

    Natural and tinted diamonds can be black, blue, yellow, pink and red.

    Choosing a colored diamond makes it possible to give your ring an original style and allows for a smaller budget to buy a larger diamond ring.

    blue diamond

    Blue diamond of artificial color

    Raw diamonds

    Whether colorless or color (natural or not) raw diamond offers an original style, the authenticity of the diamond for an unbeatable price.

    raw diamonds

    Natural cubic diamonds raw and polished

    If you have comments or tips to share, don't hesitate to share them via a comment.


    Free Bonus : Download our complete guide on Diamond (fr).

    You'll discover all you need to know to buy diamonds jewelry online or in store.

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