When one wishes to celebrate the family ties (birthday, baptism or wedding) or the birth of newborns, the design of a pendant in the shape of one or more children is a classic.

Because of the multitude of designs of children's pendants available on the market, it is quite normal to want to customize its pendant design.

That is why we are going to present you various projects of child pendants realized in our workshop of jewels, projects which can give you ideas for the creation of your own project of children pendant.

Gold child pendant Child pendant Butterfly pendant



  1. Gold child pendant
  2. Children's silver pendant set with zirconium oxides
  3. Pendant made from a child's drawing
  4. Necklace with names of children

Gold child pendant

In this case, it is a pendant representing two children in 18-karat gold.

The pendant is personalized by two Gothic gold letters presenting a specific font of the choice of our client.

This pendant is 25 millimeters from the height of the feet to the heads of children for a weight of 12 grams.

Gold child pendant

18-karat gold pendant with two children with two gold initials

The design

This pendant is inspired by another child pendant that we made in 925 silver in the past and representing a little boy holding a little girl by the hand.

In this case, we have taken over the design of the child and added the gold initials finely cut in a gold plate.


Write font used for initials

Manufacturing at the workbench

We started our work by a CAD modeling of the pendant to have visuals of the final rendering of the pendant, this allowing us to estimate the weight of gold in advance.

design visual pendant

View of the design of the pendant before manufacture

Then we rolled a plate of gold to cut our different pieces, the profile of the children and the initials customizing the pendant.

Gold plate

18-karat gold-laminated plate without polishing at the exit of the rolling mill

The drawing of our 1: 1 scale pendant is then glued to this plate and cut off with a saw.

Cutting the gold plate

Cutting in progress of our pendant in a 18-karat gold plate

The initials are trimmed in the same way.

cutting gold initials

Cut the initials in gold for the pendant

In this way, all the pieces necessary for the manufacture of the jewel are obtained.

Gold child pendant

Profile view of children and initials cut out in our gold plate

We can then compare the fidelity of the cut with the original drawing.

Gold child pendant

Gold pendant compared to CAD drawing

All that remains is to weld the initials in place and to polish the pendant to obtain this result, after addition of the bail.

Gold child pendant

Gold child pendant

On these views, we better understand the thickness of the pendant and the initials, explaining the weight of this pendant

Gold child pendant

If you are interested in such a project, please contact us via this form to let us know the details of your pendant project.

Silver child pendant

In the same way as the previous but more affordable pendant, this silver child pendant represents two children (a little boy and a little girl) holding hands.

Silver child pendant

Custom pendant representing two children realized in sterling silver and paved with zircons

Small pendant, big work

We had instructions to make this pendant relatively small, the child's silhouette being only 17/18 mm in height.

So that we could only crimp white zircons 1mm in diameter at the extremities of the limbs.

The smallness of the pendant has generated more work on crimping stones. In all, no less than a hundred stones were needed to cover all of this child pendant.

We had to go back to it twice to optimize the positioning of the stones in an optimal way.

child pendant

Custom silver pendant during manufacture

The children's motif is first printed on paper, glued on a silver plate 1.25 mm thick and cut into the mass of it.

The silver coin is then deburred and then glued on a support with crimp wax to hold it in place.

The pendant is then pierced to receive the zircon stones that are held in place by a grain set, all raised one-by-one by hand using a specific stall.

Since there are 4 grains per zirconstone, this makes a total of more than 400 grains to lift for this pendant.

Final rendering

The work is long but the result is explicit as you can see below.

Child pendant in its case

Seen of the custom silver pendant in its case, one recognizes well the profile of the children of the jewel

Custom child pendant

Closeup view of the zircons of the pendant, it's very bright, each crimping grain and each stone reflecting luminous reflections

If you are interested in such a project, please contact us via this form to let us know the details of your pendant project.

Pendant made from a child's drawing

When looking for an origianl child pendant design, it's often not necessary to look far.

In the case of this project, it is about a pendant made from a drawing of my godchild, drawing representing a butterfly which served me as model to create this pendant.

Butterfly pendant

Child pendant in the shape of a butterfly in silver

Note that animals are often a rich source of inspiration for the jeweler beginning witnessed by these many achievements of animal jewelry.

Butterflies everywhere in drawing

After a quick analysis of the drawings of my godchild, she seems to be fascinated by butterflies, you will agree with me I think :). Therefore the theme of the pendant that I was going to offer was all found.

Child's drawing
Since in addition, its favorite color is pink, I had the theme of the jewel and its all-found concept : make a sterling silver butterfly pendant inlaid with rhodochrosite stones.

Indeed, the wings can easily receive the incrustation of stone to give color to the jewel.

You can see below the drawing that served as a model to make the necklace with the butterfly pendant. It's 28 mm tall.

As luck would have it, the drawing almost served us as a model for the exact scale of the pendant, which simplified the task.

The orange coloring of the wings gives almost a final glimpse of the butterfly jewel.


Manufacture and final rendering 

The construction of the butterfly is at least classic, it is a welded assembly of son and silver plates welded to give it the body and the periphery of the butterfly.

The only modification of the drawing being made on the antennae of the butterfly will be finer on the jewel than on the drawing.

The wings are then decorated with rhodochrosite stones.

Once the stones are set, they are polished in place in the jewel. I let you admire the final result with these photos.

Child pendant butterfly

Child pendant butterfly

View of the pendant on a bust

If you are interested in such a project, please contact us via this form to let us know the details of your pendant project.

Necklace names of children

To go a little further in this concept of child pendant, this project is more a necklace than a pendant but the idea is nevertheless to remember.

This is a gold chain necklace (fr) on which are inserted the first names of the three children of the family.

Gold names pendant

View of three names of children in gold

I won't detail this achievement which is already presented through this article (fr).

Gold names pendant

If you are interested in such a project, please contact us via this form to let us know the details of your pendant project.

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October 11, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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