We all know the diamond and very often hear about it in media, but when comes time to buy a diamond, novice is inevitably lost among the infinite combinations of possible color, size, purity and prices.

So how to choose a diamond ?

This step-by-step guide, aims to help you make your choice of diamond relatively easy and within the limits of your budget.

You'll get the best diamond for the price you've set.

how to choose a diamond

Firstly, you should know that a diamond, like any luxury product, requires some knowledge to be appreciated and chosen among others.

The 4Cs of diamond quality is the universal method for assessing the quality of any diamond, anywhere in the world. It's a universal language you must be familiar with if you want to understand your jewelry interlocutors, make your choice online, and know exactly what you're about to purchase.

This article explains the 4Cs of diamond simply.

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Practical tips to make your choice

Now that you understand the terms used to describe the diamond quality, you can proceed methodically to make your choice as follows :

1. Choose the diamond shape 

Identify the diamond shape desired for your jewel project or for the person to whom you want to offer this diamond.

There are a little more than a dozen cut shapes for diamonds, but 90% of sold diamonds are round shaped.

Why ?

Well, it's the diamond cut that, when of good quality, offers the most shine to the stone.

The most common cut shape that comes after is the princess cut that is well suited for contemporary jewelry designs.

Diamond shapes

Article giving you more information about diamond cut shapes.

The shape impacts to a certain extent the diamond price. Indeed, the most requested shapes are more expensive with equal weight and quality than the others, as shows this visual.

cheap ring with diamonds engagement ring black and white diamonds gold ring 18k lapis lazuli

2. Set your diamond weight

Set a carat weight minimum based on your preferences.

This will help you make your choice.

Note that the weight and cut of the diamond are necessarily linked. But for the same weight, two identical shaped diamonds can have slightly different dimensions, given the quality cut of the diamonds.

This article explains the diamond carat.


comparative diamond same weight


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3. Choose in descending order of quality

Having set your choice of diamond shape and weight, choose the highest quality diamond and make concessions by order :

  • First on the diamond purity. Being professionally evaluated with a magnifying glass as magnification 10 under special light, if you are a novice, you won't make the difference between a diamond VVS, VS or SI. (more info via this article)
  • Then on the diamond color, it's very difficult to see the hue difference from one color degree to another, even for an expert. You can therefore make concessions on this criterion without affecting the visual aspect of your diamond.

color chart diamond

  • Then on the diamond cut quality. As this is the predominant factor impacting the brilliance of the diamond, it is necessary as far as possible to choose a diamond having the best possible cut. Here is the GIA quality cut scale decreasing from left to right.

scale size quality diamonds

The following diagram shows the influence of a good quality diamond cut on the brilliance of this one. This article on the subject will offer you a good complement of information.

diamond cut diagram

If you stay out of budget after following these steps, then you should consider reviewing the diamond weight you want to buy and start the selection process over again.

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4. Useful tips to make your choice at the best price

The diamond cut and the frame color affect your perception of the diamond color.

Therefore, if your diamond is less than 1 carat and will be mounted on a yellow gold or rose gold frame, you can choose a K color for the diamond without this being noticed.

This allows you to make a concession on the color and therefore the price that won't be noticed visually.

Diamonds weighing just under the most popular weights (0.25 / 0.5 or 1 carat) are generally of lower price per carat.

A 0.49 carat diamond is often more economical than a 0.5 carat diamond while it can be the same diameter and show no visible difference to the eye.

Fancy cut diamonds (other than round) of equal weight and quality are generally cheaper.

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Here are some examples of diamond rings made in our jewelery workshop :

price engagement ring diamond ring citrine gold diamond tourmaline ring diamond
engagement ring diamonds gold ring diamond first name duo engagement ring engraved with diamond


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