The history of signet rings has always been linked to the family crest.

If it was necessary in the past to be born noble to be able to wear his family crest on the finger, this is no longer the case today.

Similarly, in terms of the manufacturing method, the techniques have evolved.

The traditional method historically for the reproduction of family crest on the signet rings is the manual engraving made on a signet ring in forged gold.

This technique is the most beautiful and meaningful, realized by a master engraver, it allows the reproduction of particularly fine and complex details on several levels of depth.

This craftsman perpetuates this technique of engraving family crest.

Obviously, the cost is up to the difficulty and this technique is usually much too expensive for a simple engraving on a silver signet ring.

We will detail here our method of making a silver signet ring engraved with a family coat of arms.

coat of arms signet ring

Coat of arms emblem ring manufactured via our online creation service

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Coat of arms

Our project is based on the image of our customer:

coat of arms for silver signet ring making

Family coat of arms to engrave on the ring

The project begins with the study of the design of the ring.

The shape and dimensions of the tray are the choice of the customer who can fully customize the style of his signet ring.

The design of the coat of arms is then retouched to simplify certain elements that would not be visible or difficult to reproduce at the scale of the ring.

For example, the hollows of the engraving are 0.4 mm wide at the minimum and the high parts 0.15 mm wide at least for the high parts.

Following the editing and choice of the characteristics of the signet ring, we can produce a computer simulation of the project.

emblem ring design cao

CAD rendering of the engraved signet of the coat of arms

cao rendering family emblem ring

Realistic rendering of the ring

In the state of the project, the customer can validate or modify the parameters of the design:

  • the shape of the signet ring (square, round, oval, barrel, personalized or other ...)
  • the dimensions of the plate and the ring body
  • the details of the engraving

To then be able to start manufacturing.

Making of the ring

Once the design of the digital model has been validated, the manufacture of the wax ring can be started via a 3D printer.

wax model of coat of arms ring for jewelry making custom made

3D wax printing of the previously developed digital model

We then make a refractory plaster mold in which the silver will be cast in order to obtain our metal ring.

casting tree silver for signet ring making

Solid silver casting tree

It then remains to cut the ring, polish and blacken the hollows by oxidizing the silver before polishing to obtain the final result visible below:

view of the coat of arms engraved on the silver signet ring

Side and front views of the engraved and blackened coat of arms of the signet ring

silver coat of arms ring

coat of arms silver ring wore on the finger

Coat of arms ring on the finger

Here is an example of other achievements of signet signs with blazons made in our workshop:

silver coat of arms ring custom made family emblem ring


coat of arm emblem ring silver signet ring with emblem spartan coat of arms ring


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October 17, 2018 — Hugo Maherault

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