Coffee bean chains have been very popular lately. These chains have no special meaning and the origin of their name comes from the shape of the links which obviously reminds the shape of a coffee bean.

These chains can either be used for necklaces or bracelets depending on the case, the method of their manufacture being identical regardless of the type of jewelry.

In this case, we will introduce step by step the manufacture of different types of jewelry with coffee beans links in our jewelry workshop, starting with the manual manufacture of such a bracelet.

Of course, this same bracelet to be made in the same way in gold or with larger coffee beans. This type of link is well suited to the manufacture of bracelets and necklaces for men by playing on the size of the links.

Coffe bean chain bracelet

Coffee bean bracelet made to measure via our online creation service

Here you will find our collection of gold chains made in our jewelry workshop while below is presented a gold coffee bean pendant from our collection of pendants.

coffee bean pendant Coffee bean pendant coffee bean pendant


  1. Manufacture of a bracelet with bench pin
  2. Manufacture of a set of cast iron coffee bean chain

    Manufacture with bench pin (manual)

    This type of manufacture involves the handcrafting of each link of the chain to the same metal. This is the most traditional technique, does not require machines and is also the longest and in some ways the most expensive.

    Links manufacture

    Our work begins with the manufacture of each of the links in the form of a coffee bean.

    So we cut into a silver plate a rectangle of the right dimension, here 9 x 7 millimeters.

    Each link is then shaped by digging the central groove in a first time to achieve the two perforations.

    links making

    The oval contour of the grain can then be made to start assembling the chain.

    coffee bean links

    View of coffee beans finalized and aligned before assembly links by links

    Once all the grains ready, we can move to the realization of the links that will join the grains to each other.

    coffee bean links

    The links joining the grains together are then welded and polished

    coffee bean chain bracelet

    Close-up view of coffee bean chain being assembled

    The clasp

    We then have to make the ratchet clasp of the bracelet, of classic manufacture and whose size is perfectly adapted to our bracelet. The latter is manufactured by welding silver-laminated plates together.

    This article details the steps of making such a clasp (fr).



    Silver ratchet clasp in the process of manufacture


    Following the polishing of the bracelet, we obtain the result visible in the following photos :

    coffee bean chain bracelet

    View of the bracelet with its silver ratchet clasp

    coffee bean chain bracelet

    coffee bean chain bracelet

    This method of manufacture offers the advantage of being able to control the size of the links and to be able to make large coffee beans for a jewel in gold or silver that is not usually found on the market.

    The disadvantage of this method is that it is very time-consuming, which is why most coffee bean chains, whether silver or gold are made by machines that can significantly reduce the manufacture time of the links.

    This manual method is therefore only interesting for coffee beans chains made to measure in small dimensions and that are not found in stores.

    To obtain a quote for such a project, contact us via our online quote form here.

    Manufacture of a cast iron coffee bean chain

    If the width of the previous bracelet was 7 millimeters, we'll now describe the manufacture of a coffee bean chain 12 millimeters wide.

    Regarding the manufacture of a bracelet and a long necklace of 55 centimeters, we turned to a method of manufacture by the lost wax casting process to keep a reasonable cost for the project.

    coffee bean chain bracelet

    coffee bean chain necklace

    Lost wax casting 

    Following the realization of a 3D digital model allowing us to evaluate the weight of silver necessary for the project, we realized the 3D printing of the links of our chain.

    No fewer than 31 links were needed for making the coffee bean set.

    These are mounted on a wax tree to make a refractory plaster mold and molten cash is poured into the mold to get our silver coins, visible here.

    coffee bean links tree


    Here are some examples of bracelets and necklaces made in our jewelry workshop in the same traditional way.

    Curb chain bracelet 18-karat gold chain bracelet 18-karat gold chain necklace
    Milanese chain bracelet rice Grain chain bracelet Royal chain necklace


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