Championship rings are characterized by a very bulky design, most of the time presenting a large central stone in the upper part of the plateau.

These rings are also entirely filled with relief engravings, around the drawing or the central stone and on the two uprights of the ring of the signet ring.

They are often produced in series for a promotion party, to celebrate a championship or sporting event.

They require a lot of work for manufacturing, as we will see in this article.

custom championship ring in silver

Championship ring celebrating made for a kickboxking tournament in France, custom made service

This ring is quite complex because it has an engraving on the central plate, two engravings on the upper edges and two other lateral engravings.

It is also set with 158 zircons of 1.25 or 1 mm in diameter.

Oxidation of silver allows us to highlight the intaglio engraving on all sides of the ring.

We will detail in this article all the stages of manufacture, numerous, of this ring.

Custom made design

The project begins with the design draft, built from the elements provided by the client.

The description of the central plateau as well as the following side visuals:

kickboxing championship ring design

We can launch a digital model giving an overview of the final rendering of the ring, design that can validate the customer or be used to visualize some details that will be modified.

This is what gives the virtual modeling of the project:

custom championship ring rendering

3D rendering of our CAD model of the championship ring with a silver finish

Once the CAD model approved by our customer, we can start the making process.

Making of the ring in silver

The first step is to make a wax model of our ring by the 3D printing process that allows us to faithfully reproduce all the tiny details on the digital model.

This wax model is then used to make a refractory plaster mold in which the molten silver will be cast.

championship ring making in silver

View of the resin master in the cylinder before making the investment mold

Once the mold finished, it is burnt out before pouring melted silver metal in it. We then obtain our casted championship ring seen rough from casting hereafter.

silver championship ring during the making process

Rough silver championship ring after casting and before finishing

Finish and stone setting 

The work on the signet ring will consist in highlighting the oxidative engravings of silver and polishing reliefs.

And also consist of crimping the central stone, a blue zircon 10 millimeters in diameter and 158 small white zircons decorating the ring.

Stone setting

setting stones on silver championship ring

 Oxidized ring, the silver is blackened

A quick polishing makes it possible to highlight the reliefs of the engravings of the ring.

Then we begin the preparation for crimping zircons.

The locations of the stones are drilled to eliminate any foundry defects where the stones will be placed.

preparing to set stones on the championship ring

Notice the exposed sites of the stones, lighter than the others

Then crimping begins, one stone after another.

We must adjust each stone in its location, fold down the claws that hold them in place and ensure the proper behavior of the stones.

stone setting process on the ring

Close-up view showing side engraving and zircons being crimped

This is what the work gives after crimping all the stones on one side.

view of the championship ring with all stones crimped

Photo showing us and the result of oxidation and crimping on one side of the signet ring

making process of the championship ring

View of signet ring showing closed main stone

View of the signet ring after crimping and before applying colors on the central plateau.

custom makinf of championship ring

custom makinf of championship ring

Colors of the ring

To represent the blue and red colors of the tray, we used resin, allowing us to measure the intensity of the shade according to the wishes of the customer.

After a few tests on test rings, we were able to find the right dosages.

testing colors of the ring

Two tests with oxidized silver underlay or not

These tests allowed us to see the impact on the hue of the amount of pigment and the influence of the oxidized silver on the final rendering.

Once the ring's top has been removed from its black color and the hues removed, the signet ring is polished and lustrous to give it its final look, which you can see in these photos.

front view championship ring

3/4 view of the silver championship ring

lateral view of the ring

other lateral view of the kickboxing ring

 view of the championship ring in its delivery box

Championship ring in this box before delivery

Other championship made from the same process:

different championship ring american silver ring silver signet ring with silver


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April 09, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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