We had the opportunity to reproduce a model of antique silver earrings.

These earrings were made of repoussé silver, an old technique of more than 5000 years old.

This technique consists in giving shape to a thin sheet of silver using tools in order to deform the material and give it bosses that will create the motif of the jewel.

Widely used in the past, this method has somewhat disappeared and few jewelry is manufactured by this technique today, other more profitable methods having replaced it.

custom earrings

Custom silver earrings, made through our online jewelry creation service

Here are other achievements of earrings made in our jewelry workshop :

custom earrings custom earrings custom earrings

The repoussé technique

This method of manufacture confers volume and lightness to the jewels, which is very profitable in the case of gold jewelry since one can thus obtain a jewel of good size with little material.

This technique is mastered by our friend and partner Hans Casanova (fr) who makes great ethnic jewelry Maya inspired by the repoussé technique as you can see here.

custom earrings

Silver earrings in repoussé metal

silver bracelet

silver jewelry Mexico


Earrings reproduction

Not mastering the repoussé technique in our jewelry workshop, we chose a manufacturing solution using computer modeling and 3D printing to reproduce these earrings.

The advantage of this method is that it allows us to give a fast and faithful rendering to our client before starting work, which avoids any confusion and error for such a project.

visual earrings

CAD modeling of reproduced earrings

Following the 3D printing of our CAD model, we made the silver earrings using the cast iron technique.

custom earrings

We get our earring with all the design patterns, but with raw rendering and much too thick to be worn because too heavy.

Then begins the finishing and refining work that is long enough to round the corners of the patterns and create the remaining part of the loops to hook them to the ear.

custom earrings

You'll notice that the silver earrings have been blackened and polished to highlight the background and main patterns of the earrings.

custom earrings

The earrings have also been refined in thickness to reduce the weight to about 8 grams, which given their large dimensions (4 x 7 cm) is correct.


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September 01, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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