The engagement being an important moment for the mutual engagement of the two partners of a couple, the modern tradition wants that the engagement ring is set with one or few diamonds.

Symbolizing eternity, the diamond is indeed the hardest and brightest stone of all precious stones and the most desired by women if we believe the current trend.

But adding a touch of personalization on her engagement ring is certainly an original detail, more economical than diamonds and will have a stronger and more lasting sentimental effect.

We will see during this article the steps of creating and making a custom engagement ring with the initials of the engaged couple.

custom engagement ring

Custom engagement ring create via our custom ring creation service

This project differs from a previous project to create custom engagement ring that will interest you certainly (fr).

Did you know ?

The average budget of engagement rings in France is 700 euros, while in the US it's more than 5000 dollars.

Creation of the custom design

The design of the ring, created by the fiancé, is inspired by one of our ring designs from our engagement ring collection.

You can see below the design of the ring used for the modifications.

price engagement ring


The fiancé wanted a rose gold body ring with modified white gold inserts and the removal of small brilliant diamonds set on the ring body.

The side inserts on the ring body have been replaced by the initials C and D above a heart-shaped pattern as shown in the following images.

 ring design 3D

As can be seen from the following detail, the ring is composed of 4 parts, namely :

  • the pink gold ring body
  • the two side inserts in white gold
  • the setting of the pink gold diamond

    ring visual 3D

    View of the rough digital model

    ring visual 3D

    Exploded view of the virtual ring

    final rendering ring design

    View of the rendering, virtual photos of the digital model of the project


    Once the design is validated by the fiancé, we can begin the ring manufacture.

    Manufacture of the engagement ring 

    Manufacture begins with the 3D printing of a wax ring from the digital model of the project.

    ring wax model

    View of the wax model with the ring body and one of the inserts, we note the perfect resemblance between the digital model and the printed parts 

    These resin-printed parts are then used as models to make a refractory plaster mold into which the molten gold will be cast.

    Of course, we will need for this ring to make a mold for the pink gold coins and another mold for the white gold coins.

    This process is called the lost wax casting process (because the wax model is destroyed in this process) and allows us to get our raw cast gold parts.

    custom ring

    View of the 18-karat pink gold ring body still on its casting shaft

    custom ring

    View of different parts of the foundry ring

    At this point, we can then sanding our pieces to give them a good surface finish and remove their rough appearance and solder the white gold inserts to the ring body.

    custom ring

    View of the engagement ring being manufactured while the custom side inserts in white gold have just been welded to the rose gold ring body, the diamond is not mounted yet

    Follows the solitary diamond setting with the 4 claws visible in photo.

    This is a delicate and particularly rewarding manual operation. The picture shows the setting of the 0.11 carat diamond (3 millimeters in diameter).

    setting diamond

    Diamond seaming by manual action of a nail on one of the 4 claws holding the diamond in place

    The ring is then polished and cleaned in an ultrasonic bath, giving us this final result :

    custom engagement ring

    custom engagement ring

    custom engagement ring

    custom engagement ring


    Here are some examples of other personalized engagement rings made in our jewelry workshop :

    custom engagement ring custom engagement ring custom engagement ring
    custom engagement ring custom engagement ring


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    September 20, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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