Whether you want to treat yourself or offer a super original gift to a friend, the creation of a pendant is an interesting option.

Only how to go about it ?

Which address ?

And above all, how much does it cost to make such a pendant ?

exemples de pendentifs fabriqués sur mesure en or et en argent

Gold and silver pendants custom made through our online service

We will answer all these questions in our article by taking example of realizations of pendants in gold or silver that we had the opportunity to manufacture for our customers.

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custom made fatman pendant white gold personalized egyptian pendant custom made gold heart pendant


Why customizing your pendant ?

If you want a pendant with an engraving of a name or a photo, you can find many jewelry online that offer a quality engraving service at a good price.

Une recherche sur google vous permettra de les trouver rapidement:

Generally offered on silver pendants or sometimes gold, you just have to choose the design of the medal on which you will engrave the pattern of your choice.

custom made esoteric silver pendant

Wiccan silver pendant custom made in our workshop

Of course, if you want specific materials, such as precious or precious stones set on your pendant, or a jewel design of your own creation, you will necessarily have to call on a jeweler able to offer you more options in term of design and more choice for materials.

Who can customize your pendant?

For a pendant design of your creation that is a little elaborate, you will necessarily have to call a jeweler.

If you know a jeweler near you, this option will surely be the easiest for you.

If you do not have time to move and want to compare different quotes for your project, then choosing to contact online jewelers will be the most convenient option.

You can do a search via google, and consult online different jewelers who will present their quote.

But to have a quote consistent with your needs, still need to know how to explain your need:

  • What is the design of your pendant?
  • What are its dimensions?
  • What materials do you want?
  • What is your limit budget?

    Pendant created from a drawing

    Whether you are going to see a jeweler in your city, or contacting an online jeweler, you will need to make a sketch of your pendant project.

    And yes !

    Ask 10 people to draw a dog and you will end up with 10 different drawings.

    All will have 4 legs and a head, but there will be small, big, different colors ... it is all these details, which make the difference, which will appear on your drawing.

    Oh I know, you're going to tell me it's complicated because you do not know how to draw.

    But that's not an excuse!

    Here is a drawing of my godchild who served as a basis for the realization of his personalized pendant:

    personalized dragon fly pendant made of silver

    Personalized pendant in silver and rhodochrosite stone

    If you are thinking of creating your own design by taking your inspiration elsewhere, then you can easily edit the photo of a jewel in the pen to show the changes you want.

    This is what made this person who chose an existing pendant model to change the design, dimensions and type of stone, and here is the result:

    silver pendant with natural turquoise stone custom made

    Silver cross pendant with real turquoise stone

    Gold or silver, which metal to choose?

    If you want a custom-made pendant, forget about steel and junk !

    Depending on your expectations and your budget, a jeweler can offer you 925 or 950 silver and 18, 14 or 9-karat gold.

    custom made gold pendant

    Custom pendant in 18-karat yellow gold weighing 7 grams

    It's up to you to know what you want and to know your budget.

    Why ?

    Because it will then be easier for the jeweler contacted to understand your need to offer you options or alternatives to get your project into the envelope of your budget.

    How much does it cost ?

    Impossible to give you an answer as the estimate of your project depends on the size of the jewel, the chosen materials, the working time and the hourly rate of your jeweler.

    For a realization of a simple jewel in solid silver, it will be necessary to count at least 150 euros in general.

    Compare the quotes with different jewelers and you will quickly have an idea if your project is feasible for your budget.

    custom made initial pendant in white gold

    White gold pendant with sapphire stone

    The fine and light design of this 14-karat white gold custom pendant made it possible to manufacture it for a controlled budget.

    chakana cross pendant in 22k gold

    Chakana cross pendant in 22-karat gold

    Original pendant in pure gold of a Peruvian chakana cross made of laminated gold.

    silver horse pendant made of silver

    Galloping silver horse pendant custom made in our workshop

    Here are other examples of realizations of custom pendants made in our jewelry workshop :

    custome made silver bird pendant gold bird pendant


    custom made gold pendant custom made tree of life pendant 18k gold children pendant


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    October 16, 2018 — Hugo Maherault

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