If there is an institution that uses badges, it is the Army.

This next project is the reproduction of a badge of the 8 ° BPC (French Colonial Parachute Battalion) on top of a signet ring.

It takes the insignia of this unit mounted on an oval plate 21 by 18 millimeters, which is large enough to fully represent all the details of this military parachutist insignia.

This is a large signet ring, not by the ring size here of 63, but by the size of the tray much larger than usual.

silver military ring custom made

The badge of 8 ° PBC silver on the ring tray, the oxidation of silver highlights the details of the drawing.

Our client contacted us through our custom ring service online to make this ring, after asking us a quote for his project using this online form.

The design

The project starts with taking into account the reference design. Unlike what we are used to, it is not a drawing but a photo of a real badge.

military badge of the unit for silver ring making

Knowing the size of the finger, the board and with the reference drawing, we can then begin the 3D modeling of our ring.

This is to carve the design of the ring to stay as faithful as possible to our badge.

The badge is then carved in CAD with computer tools in order to reproduce it at first and then integrate it on the plateau of the ring.

Here is an overview of the virtual rendering of the digital model.

military ring design custom made

Numeric model of the military ring project showing the military unit badge

Making the ring

Once the design of the project has been validated by the client as meeting his expectations, the digital model is produced in resin by the process of 3D printing.

The physical resin ring obtained can then be used to make a refractory plaster mold in which the molten silver will be cast by the lost wax melting process.

wax model of the custom made military ring

Wax model of the custom military ring project

We then have to retouch the details, then polish the ring to get this final result.

It seems easy to say but we must manually take all the details to give them the final polishing giving the shiny rendering of the metal.

silver military ring custom made

 military ring wore on thumb

silver military ring for men

Silver military ring in its box, ready to ship

Here are some other examples of silver military rings, custom made or vintage:

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May 03, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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