At the birth of a child or for the birthday of his wife, the ring name is a very good choice of gift.

This kind of customizable ring is engraved with the names of the children of the family, arranged around the ring and framed by two fine rings for a good reading.

In this case, the name ring in question includes the three first names of a sibling, each name being separated by a small heart with a diamond set closed in the center.

Gold name ring

Gold ring with 3 names separated by hearts in the center of which are set diamonds

This ring has been manufactured through our custom ring creation service visible here, you can also discover the corresponding product page here (fr).

You can also contact us via this online form.

Ring design

Unlike other ring designs that are standard designs and little customizable, our customer could choose here :

  • design
  • the size of the first names
  • the font for their writing.
  • stones, diamonds in this case
  • the heart-shaped separation between the 3 first names

Choosing the hearts inlaid with small brilliant diamonds was made to separate each name and illuminate a little more the ring.

Our work begins with the 3D modeling of the project which gives us a good idea of the final rendering as well as the golden weight for this project.

Name ring design

CAD modeling of the ring showing the detail of the hearts and first names

Following the validation of the design by the customer, we can make a 3D printing of the model of the ring for later use for the making of the gold ring.

wax model name ring

Wax model of another ring project with 2 names in gold

Gold manufacture

Work continues with the manufacture of 18-karat gold ring, by the method of cast iron lost wax.

We use our wax model to make a refractory plaster mold in which the molten gold is poured after having burned the wax model.

Gold then comes to fill a cavity left by the wax model before cooling down and to leave us the personalized ring with the names in the raw state of foundry.

Custom name ring

View of two name rings with 18-karat yellow gold hearts at the outlet of the cast iron and still raw cast

custom name ring

Ring 3 names in 18-karat gold after foundry and before finishing

Some details of the ring are retouched, polished and the three small diamonds of 2 millimeters (0.03 carat) are crimped in place.

custom name ring

Zoomed view of the ring where we can see one of the three diamonds

Follows a careful polishing of the ring to give it its pure gold shine.

custom name ring

One of the 3 diamonds set in the center of the heart

custom name ring worn on finger

There is an accent and an umlaut on the letters and names, the accents are difficult to position but it's feasible as you can see.

You can find below other examples of gold name rings and name jewelry that we had the opportunity to make in our jewelry workshop.

For the latter, the style of ring varies with edges or without edges, with the font of the letters and their writing in italics or not and with separations between the first names or without separations :

Gold name ring Gold name ring Gold name ring
Gold name ring Gold name ring Gold name ring
Gold name necklace Gold name bracelet Gold name ring


You can also find our standard name ring design in gold on our online catalog here :

Catalog names rings


For further :

September 30, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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