Jewels reflecting the personality of their creator, the creation of custom jewelry for oneself or to offer always tells a personal story.

Therefore, creating your own jewelry is the dream of many people, but that is not realized, for lack of practical knowledge of jewelry techniques.

However, the jewelry making process itself only requires ideas and paper to materialize. It remains to make his ideas to make them come to life.

And the flexibility of online tools now allows everyone, to create their own jewelry and entrust the manufacture to others (discover our own online service).

It is this creative process that we invite you to discover through this article presenting the creation of an 18-karat white gold ring set with two magnificent sapphires.

White gold ring with sapphires

Give life to your ring project

For this custom ring project, the sponsor already had a clear idea of ​​the design of its ring. She wanted 18-karat white gold for a sleek, modern design featuring two precious or precious stones.

We intervened to advise on the width of the ring profile, the spacing of the stones and the type of stone through numerical simulations and specifications allowing him to adjust his choice to the budget of his project.

custom ring design

View of a design option (with a sapphire and aquamarine) considered at the beginning of the project

His choice is finally focused on two AAA grade 5mm round sapphires from Sri Lankan mines. These sapphires have been treated to improve the color, so they are a very good price compromise for stones without defects offering a beautiful color.


3 views of the two sapphires used to make the ring

3D manufacture of the ring body

Once the design is frozen, we can move to the actual manufacture of the wax model by 3D printing, faithful reproduction of the design sketched by CAD.

ring wax

This process of manufacture by 3D printing makes it possible to test the design before having to manufacture it in gold, it is a tool of a great help to ensure physically that the model corresponds to the tastes of the customer without taking risks .

Different types of wax make it possible to have a plastic ring capable of being handled or of wax intended for manufacturing.

test wax ring

At this point, the customer has a very definite idea of the final rendering of his jewel and the jeweler can embark confidently in the manufacture of it, having eliminated the risks of producing a non-compliant gem.

Manufacture and finishes

As part of our ring project, the wax was used to make a mold in which the molten gold was cast.

Following the traditional operations of deburring, cleaning and crimping stones, here is the final result, a custom made ring that made the happiness of its creator.

White gold ring with sapphires

White gold ring with sapphires

White gold ring with sapphires


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September 06, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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