The belt buckle is an exclusively masculine fashion accessory.

Almost totally abandoned by women who choose discretion, men have appropriated this ornament. As often, men have little jewelry but choose high-end and custom pieces that will last in time.

In this case, we had the opportunity to create a custom belt buckle in sterling silver according to a drawing.

If the project seems simple at first glance, it is not so since it's a large piece of more than 120 grams carved in 3 dimensions making 100 millimeters wide by 75 millimeters in height.

silver belt buckle

Sterling silver belt buckle reproduced from a drawing

Buckle design

Our starting point for the project : a picture of a wolf's head made in tattoo.

This design is relatively complex, we had to make a three-dimensional sculpture to get all the details of the drawing.

Wolf tattoo

Reference drawing for the manufacture of our silver buckle

To do this, it was necessary to sculpt in 3D and from the image the original model.

Thanks to our contacts on the web, we made use of the company repliqua3D (fr) which was in charge of 3D modeling and digitization of the master.

Here is the rendering of their work :

silver belt buckle wolf

Front view showing the fidelity of the sculpture details in relation to the drawing

 silver belt buckle wolf

View of the thicknesses of the sculpture passing from 2 mm on the edges to 1.5 mm for the bottom and 7 mm for the high parts of the sculpture

silver belt buckle wolf

Virtual overview of the silver buckle, we observe how modeling is close here to reality.

After validation of the design by the customer, we were able to move to the manufacture phase.

Silver manufacture

To achieve a perfect representation of the original 3D model, we used 3D printing technology to physically create the belt master from the sculpted 3D file.

We then obtained a wax model of the belt buckle, a faithful reproduction of the digital model.

The rest of the operations were to transform the master into silver wax by the method of cast iron lost wax.

The finish consisted of polishing the front of the belt buckle and welding the fasteners, hook and buckle for fastening to the belt.

silver belt buckle verso

Silver belt buckle finalized

All in all, it took us nearly 6 weeks to fully complete the project, from the validation of the order to shipping.

The 3D sculpture phase is a long process for this kind of particular work.

Finally, note that there is little offer in the market for silver or gold belt buckles.

Few models are available due to the lack of demand in the market in general forcing customers to turn to tailor-made.

You may find your choice on these websites :


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September 02, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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