If making custom jewelry allows the manufacture of engraved silver bracelets or made with specific charms, we must turn to a custom service to create the original bracelet design you have in mind.

Bracelets creation covers a wide range of different styles and remains an extremely stimulating activity for any jeweler.

Unlike rings, which are limited by clutter, there is a wide range of types of bracelets for men and women with very distinct styles :

    We're going to present you some projects of custom bracelets in our jewelry workshop.

    If you have such a project in mind, you can consult us online via this form to obtain a quote for your project.

    For the realization of such a project, you'll need to take the measure of your wrist (fr) to know the length of your future bracelet.

    silver bracelet silver bracelet silver bracelet
    silver bracelet silver bracelet silver bracelet

    Chain bracelets 

    By the simple fact that there is a multitude of chain maille weaves, there are even more designs of bracelets using these links.

    Silver is the most economical precious metal for the realization of a large chain maille bracelet project.

    You can play on the width and size of the link and on their assembly (doubled or tripled) to create your own bracelet, as shown in these examples.

    Rice grain mesh bracelet

    Rice grain mesh is unusual for bracelets, it's found more often for the manufacture of luxury wristwatches.

    This bracelet presented in photo is 3 centimeters wide for 130 grams in silver. You'll discover the manufacture steps of this bracelet here (fr).

    rice grain bracelet

    Curb chain bracelets

    Curb chain is a classic jewelry for bracelets and necklaces.

    Wide curb chain

    You can see below a curb chain bracelet 18 mm wide weighing nearly 80 grams of silver and you can find the stages of manufacture here (fr).

    wide curb chain bracelet

    Fine curb chain

    The same style of mesh with a much finer wire section and another type of clasp.

    curb chain bracelet

    Triple curb chain

    Curb chain but still in triple width making nearly 40 millimeters wide for a weight of more than 200 grams.

    This bracelet manufacture is detailed through this article (fr).

    silver bracelet

    Coffee bean mesh bracelets

    Curb chain is very fashionable lately, as well for the bracelets as for the necklaces. Here is a silver bracelet with ratchet clasp, which is handcrafted in workshop, you can find the stages of manufacture here (fr).

    coffee bean curb chain

    Milanese mesh bracelets

    Milanese mesh looks like a braided fabric, it's not really fashionable although it was in the 50s and 60s. It's the result of a combination of canetilles giving a solid appearance to the bracelet while remaining very flexible, from where are use for the watch bracelets.

    Milanese mesh bracelet Manufacture of this type of mesh is presented here

    You'll find such a silver bracelet with this type of mesh in our bracelets collection here (fr).

    curb chain bracelet Milanese silver mesh bracelet

    Rigid bracelets

    Rigid bracelets are sought after for both men and women, but in different styles, as shown in these examples.

    Rigid bracelet with stones 

    The design of these bracelets is thought around the colored stones that compose it.

    silver bracelet with blue stone Here we can see the same design of the men's sterling silver bangle with turquoise stone above, which manufacture is shown here.

    Below, the same design of bracelet with natural lapis lazuli stone (fr) whose manufacture is visible here too (fr).

    silver bracelet lapis lazuli

    This type of bracelet can also be adorned with different colored stones like this one which we detail the manufacture here (fr).

    silver bracelet colored stones

    Zoomorphic silver bracelet

    Animals have always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the making of jewelry, as evidenced by this presentation of animal jewelry.

    This silver scarab bracelet for women (fr) is no exception to the rule. Animal representations can be manually scupted or modeled via CAD.

    scarab silver bracelet

    Twisted silver bracelet 

    Welded twisted silver threads give finesse to this massive bracelet design.

    You'll discover the stages of its manufacture here (fr).

    silver bangle

    Gold plated silver bracelet

    Silver lends itself well to gold plating. Especially when gold rendering is desired, but the bracelet weight doesn't allow, for budget matters, to make it in solid gold, as is the case of this bracelet skull (fr) gold.

    gold plated silver bracelet

    Ethnic bracelets

    This viking bracelet is a blatant example of what can be achieved by marrying the digital makeup in jewelry with the traditional work of silver.

    Although it comes from our own collection, it gives a good example of what you can do, you can find it here (fr).

    viking bracelet


    These bracelets are made of a single piece of solid metal in general, you can find in particular the bangles that we propose in our collection here (fr).

    Otherwise, we present below the designs created in our workshop.

    Silver bangle with medal

    Bangle made of a simple round silver band with a customizable engraving medal.

    silver bangle

    Oval silver bangle with screws

    These are oval bangles, one of which can be opened by removing screws with a screwdriver, a concept used by the jeweler Cartier for one of his jewelry collections.

    silver bangle

    Hereinafter, the same concept of oval ring is declined with a removable version by two silver screws.

    Stages of its manufacture are visible here (fr).

    silver bangle

    Silver torc for men

    Torc is a bracelet for men of Celtic origin, massive and engraved with ancient symbols.

    This design is particularly massive, 9 millimeters in diameter in the center and weighing nearly 110 grams.

    Its manufacture is detailed here (fr). 


    Arm bracelets

    Arm bracelets aren't worn much in France, certainly because of the climate which is not conducive to bare arms.

    However, they were very often worn by nobles of the Mediterranean basin during antiquity.

    Snake arm bracelets

    Made during a wedding, it was worn by the bride during the ceremony.

    Our client wanted a beautiful piece of jewelry that could be used later to adorn her outfits.

    For the realization of this bracelet, we started from photos available online. Regarding the original model, this is a museum piece dating back to 2300 years in pure gold, currently exhibited in Germany.

    This article about snake jewelry can interest you too.


    snake arm bracelet

    Snake arm bracelet, reproduction of a 2300 years old Hellenic bracelet

    However the reproduction was made in silver, shaped by hand in forged silver. This 200-gram piece required a month of full-time work.

    This article presents the stages of its manufacture, or you can discover the manufacture of this arm bracelet in image by watching this video (fr) :


    This other snake bracelet design (fr) comes from our own bracelet collection :

    silver bracelet vivalatina

    Silver snake bracelet and zirconium oxides

    Silver wide arm bracelet

    These two designs of arm bracelets weigh 200 grams each and were custom-made in our jewelry workshop.

    arm bracelet

    Celtic silver arm bracelet

    silver arm bracelet

    Sleek arm bracelets

    Clean yet elegant design, a simple silver band of 12 millimeters wide gives a lot of style when worn.

    silver arm bracelet

    Video of a silver bangle manufacture

    Finally, here is a video presentation of the stages of making a 950 silver bangle. Entirely handmade, the video shows you how to go from a banal silver plate to a polished silver hammered bracelet.



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