Silver brooches were a very fashionable jewel at the beginning and half of the 20th century.

Fibula, his ancestor, was used in antiquity.

Although we have known the pinnacle of the pin in the 90s, pins are not too fashionable nowadays, while great jewelers express their talent and know-how by creating exceptional brooches like those of Chaumet.

This brooch presented here is a custom creation of a solid silver kangaroo brooch with a 2 mm Peridot stone to represent the eye.

Custom silver brooch

Our silver brooch made through our online jewelry creation service

Brooch design

Our work is based on a kangaroo photo selected by the client, which serves as a reference for carving the animal in wax.

Custom brooch creation

Our kangaroo model for creating this silver brooch

We can thus cut the animal with the saw to form the contours before carving the reliefs of the muscles.

We were inspired by photos of leaping kangaroos in order to restitute the animal's dynamics.

custom silver brooch

Dynamics of the kangaroo jump are the most difficult to create

Thanks to the photos, we can lightly engrave the muscles and body parts to rough the work and divide the task into work areas.

Custom brooch made of silver and gold

First step in the deep carving of the animal

In successive stages, we arrive at this result.

Customizable kangaroo silver pendant

Progress of the sculpture

We can then proceed to the finishing of the wax and set up the Peridot stone.

Detail sculpture brooch silver

Details of the animal's muscles and muzzle 

Creation custom silver brooch

Wax view of the brooch with the stone in place

The recto sculpture being made, we can then hollow out the wax to lighten the jewel.

Hollowed silver brooch

View of the wax sculpture of the hollowed brooch

Silver manufacture

The sculpture being at this stage finalized, we can pass to the silver manufacture of the brooch by the casting method with lost wax process.

Silver brooch creation

We see the result of our casting in raw silver foundry

Our silver brooch must be deburred and polished in order to give it a better rendering close to the final rendering.

Silver brooch

Silver brooch in the process of manufacture

At this stage begins the manufacture of the fastening system which consists of a silver pin, a pin holder with hinge and a safety system.

Silver brooch pin

Detail view of the components of the brooch fixing system during manufacture

Silver brooch pin

Fastening system of the finalized brooch

All that remains is to crimp the Peridot stone in place to finalize our jewel.

Custom silver brooch

Zoomed view of the kangaroo's head which allows us to appreciate the Peridot stone

Silver brooch in its case

Our silver brooch in its case


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July 23, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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