Here's a new DIY (Do It Yourself) jewel about making a particularly elegant and easy-to-make necklace.

If you don't have the budget for a gold necklace (fr), no worries, this tutorial will help you to make yourself a silver necklace with very elegant cultured pearl (fr).

It takes little material for this DIY and your necklace won't look like DIY at all, but a necklace coming straight out of a jeweler's shop.

Especially since the assembly principle here can be re-used to make a necklace of a completely different design, as shown by the two following examples in the photo, you are free to vary the number of pearls and their color.

Here is an overview of the DIY result of this necklace :

DIY necklace

No clasp for this necklace, since it naturally closes by passing the pearl through the ring.

For more complex achievements, feel free to contact our custom made jewelry service for pieces of unique jewelry.

Material needed to make this necklace

With little hardware, you'll be doing very well, most of those used to DIY will already have it. You need a pair of cutting pliers for silver, one to two single pliers and a small standard file for metal.

DIY tools


    Regarding the hardware, the list is as follows :

    • A fine 0.5 mm diameter silver chain
    • The diameter 0.8 mm silver wire 
    • The 0.3 mm diameter silver wire
    • A black 9 mm Freshwater Pearl 
    • Three beads diameter 5 mm silver
    • Two satin-finished silver beads and a 4 mm 3 mm 
    • Two beads silver 1 mm used for crimping.

      DIY material

      Stages of the necklace manufacture 

      Manufacture begins by cutting a length of fine silver chain of 55 cm (this can be modified at your convenience), at the end of which we will crimp a silver bead of 1 mm in diameter then we will slip into order at the other end a satin bead of 3mm, then the freshwater pearl. An important note, it must be ensured that once the 1mm bead set on the wire, it must not be able to pass through the perforation of the satin bead.

      DIY pearls


      Once this is done, we make the clasp made of a silver ring that we will realize. It's not complicated, but do not be wrong in the order of operations.

      At first, we wind the silver wire of 0.8 mm around a round pen to make a spiral (the diameter is to vote suitability, just make sure that your pearl passes through the spiral ). Then we file the spiral at the crossing of both ends, and this to thin the wires at this level.

      silver spiral spiral DIY


      The wire 0.3 mm in diameter is then wound at the junction of the spiral as shown in the photo, and then the slicers are cut with the aid of the cutting pliers. The fine silver wire is then spiraled so as not to loosen.

      silver spiral DIY spiral


      We can then join this ring at the end of our necklace, large diameter silver beads are used to hide the connections between the son. it is necessary to thread a bead of diameter 5 mm on the twisted threads of the ring, and to thread the other pearls on the fine chain of silver as shown in picture then to crimp the bead of diameter 1 mm in end of chain.

      silver spiral silver spiral


      It only remains to unite these two parts. The two over-lengths of 0.3mm diameter wire are passed through the satin bead, and then these wires are twisted around a 1mm bead.


      DIY necklace DIY necklace
      DIY spiral DIY necklace


      Then you cut the twisted wire, and hide it all with the last silver pearl smooth, all is in force, it is what we seek for the assembly doesn't move. You can see the result here :


      DIY necklace result

      Now your necklace is ready and you can put it around your neck.

      DIY necklace

      DIY jewel  

      You can also easily create variants of this necklace by simply changing the beads by making the ornament as in the following example :

      DIY silver necklace

      DIY silver necklace


      Here are some other jewels with pearls that we could do in our jewelry workshop :

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      For further :

      September 09, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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