The craft of jeweler makes it possible to manufacture all kinds of jewels, in particular when one makes custom jewelry.

This is particularly the opportunity to get out of the way of the "official fashion" to specifically meet the needs of our customers.

This is the case with these two big silver custom rings Bling Bling style very impressive once worn.

The project presented here consisted of making two big rectangular double rings for men. These two rings are identical, only the engraving is different as well as the ring sizes since one ring must be worn on the right hand and the other on the left hand.

big double rings

View of two completed silver double rings

These two rings are 925 silver polished rhodium and the hollow of the engraving is black aged silver obtained by oxidation of the metal.

Note that these double rings for men are much bigger than this big silver ring design for women (fr), yet quite impressive.

Rings design

A first step of CAD modeling allowed us to validate the dimensions and writing font of the engraving of the rings, to ensure the conformity of the design with the customer's expectations.

big double rings design

View of the project modeled in 3D before making silver

Following this, we made the wax models by 3D printing.

These ring designs were so big that we had to print these rings in several pieces so that our 3D printing machine could make them.

was for big double rings

View of the double ring 

wax for big double rings

Above, view of the plate of the ring coming to fit on the studs of the double ring of the ring. Below, the resin ring assembled from the two previous pieces.

wax for big double rings

Our two pieces resin assembled giving an idea of the final rendering of the jewel


Following the printing of the resin models, silver work is done in our jewelry workshop, where we first made silicone molds to reproduce these same pieces of wax and then make them into silver.

We used the lost wax casting process to obtain our silver parts from our resin parts.

At first a refractory plaster mold is made with our wax pieces. These are then destroyed by heating the mold, which is then poured molten silver that occupies the free space left in the mold.

This video summarizes in image the different stages of this process :


You can see in the following pictures the different stages of silver manufacture of these different pieces.

draft big double ring

View of the double ring of the silver rings at the end of the melting process, it remains to deburr and polish this piece.

draft big double rings

Once cleaned and polished, these pieces are welded to finish the rings.

draft big double ring

Rings are at this stage finalized, so just polish them to get the shiny effect of sterling silver. We see the final result on the following photos.

big double ring

big double ring

big double ring

big double ring

Views from different angles of silver double rings

Other similar design

We have since had the opportunity to reproduce this design with another type of custom engraving.

The manufacture follows the same steps and processes.

big double rings

When talking about big rings, it's sometimes difficult to realize the weight and actual size of these rings relative to the hand.

However these photos are more explicit than words :

weight bog double ring

This big double ring model weighs 81 grams

big double ring

big double ring


Discover here other projects of big rings for men realized in our jewelry workshop :

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For further :

September 01, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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