When, in a couple, the fiance decides to make his proposal, he usually does so by presenting the engagement ring to his consort.

If the moment is chosen by the fiance to surprise his better half, it took him generally several months of preparations to get the right ring and prepare "the surprise".

The price issue of the engagement ring is of course paramount, since it's the budget of this one that will enable to make the purchase of the ring, then make the leap.

Engagement ring trilogy diamond white gold

Trilogy engagement ring with a 0.75 carat diamond in white gold (fr) from our engagement ring collection

Far from being able to follow the impulse of his emotions, the fiance will first have to go through a small obstacle course to find THE ring.

If you are the future fiancee, then you'll understand all the efforts of your partner.

And if you are the fiance, this article will help you make your choice and set your budget for your engagement ring.

First of all, you'll need to make sure which finger your future fiancee wants to wear her engagement ring (fr), then see this 11 steps guide to choosing an engagement ring.

 11 steps how to choose engagement ring

This infographic details the steps to correctly choose your fiancee's engagement ring 



1. Engagement ring tradition

2. Price criteria

3. What is the average price of an engagement ring ?

4. Which ring to choose according to your budget ?

5. Engagement rings from major jewelry brands

6. The celebrities engagements rings 


 1. Engagement ring tradition

Engagement tradition dates back to ancient Rome, but at the time the engagement ring for the wedding was just a simple iron ring, symbol of the upcoming wedding.

For nobles, the engagement ring could be set with precious stones, but diamond wasn't prized.

ancient engagement ring with sapphire

Example of a 13th century engagement ring set with a hexagonal sapphire, far from the design of modern engagement rings

The "fashion" of the diamond engagement ring dates back to the 1930s, when the diamond company DeBeers set about making diamond popular with American youth through a marketing campaign made to the stars of the young film industry : Hollywood.

The now famous slogan : "A diamond is forever" dates back from 1947.

Diamond, which wasn't so popular at the time, has become so phenomenal and has remained so today.

Discover the full story of the epic of diamonds fashion via this article on the subject.

Frenzy for diamond has reached such a point that the Swiss jewelry house Shawish has created in 2012 the first ring entirely made of diamond.

full diamond ring

Swiss jeweler Shawish's diamond ring estimated at more than 60 million Swiss francs

2. Price criteria 

An engagement ring price depends on many criteria, some very concrete like :

  • metal of the ring (silver, gold or platinum)
  • stones (diamonds or other stones), their number and their dimensions
  • ring manufactured in series or custom
  • simple or complicated ring design

and others much less tangible :

  • place of purchase (luxury shop, small town jeweler, supermarket)
  • brand or designer ring or ring made by an anonymous craftsman
  • quality of the stones and especially the diamond which has a huge impact on the budget

In most cases, the engagement ring has a single body with one or more diamonds so that the gold weight has little influence on the final price of the ring.

Because it's the diamond or diamonds that will make your ring an affordable ring or very expensive.

Choosing the right engagement ring in accordance with your budget will necessarily pass through a good knowledge of the 4Cs of diamond, quality criteria that impact the price of the latter.

how to choose a diamond

How to choose a diamond depends on your expectations and the ring design, this article helps you define the criteria and choose your diamond according to its brilliance and quality and not just its cut.

 3. What is the average price of an engagement ring?

The average price of an engagement ring depends on the culture of the country in which you reside.

Thus, in 2017 in the United States, a study has shown that the average price of the engagement ring was 6351 dollars is nearly 5300 dollars while similar studies in France show that the average price is 700 dollars (source figures fr)

Culturally, the cost of the engagement ring is less important in France than in the United States.

It must be said that it is common in the US to get into debt in order to buy an engagement ring.

Note however that there is no link between a very expensive engagement ring and a happy marriage, it would even be the opposite according to this article citing an American study.

Regarding the figures, these must be taken with tweezers.

According to our own sales of Vivalatina engagement rings, the average price is 1292 dollars when we take into account the custom made engagement rings and drops to 750 dollars when we consider only the engagement rings from our collection.

These figures vary if they are taken from a brand, a particular jeweler or a large jewelry brand.

4. Which ring to choose according to your budget ?

Ring less than 100 dollars

For a ring less than 100 dollars, you'll have to turn to a jewelry store in a supermarket offering designs rings silver or 9-karat gold with zirconium oxide stones.

These traders offer a wide choice, you'll necessarily find your happiness.

Ring less than 500 dollars

For an engagement ring between 100 and 500 dollars, you'll find 9, 14 and 18 karat gold rings with small precious stones.

We recommend that you choose at least 14-karat gold.

You'll find either rings set with small brilliants, rings with solitaire diamonds of 2 / 2.5 mm, or rings with fine colored stones.

Here is an overview of rings from this price range from our workshop :

engagement ring diamond less than 500 dollars cheap engagement ring with diamond engagement ring with topaz and amethyst stones


Rings less than 1000 dollars

Between 500 and 1000 dollars, you'll find a wide choice of rings, whether in shops, jewelry or online.

You won't usually be limited by the weight of gold, but if you want diamonds and in particular a diamond solitaire, you must choose it properly because it's this one that will make the major part of the ring price.

Here are some examples of engagement rings from our collection between 500 and 1000 dollars :

engagement ring less than 1000 dollars engagement ring less than 1000 dollars engagement ring less than 1000 dollars
engagement ring less than 1000 dollars engagement ring less than 1000 dollars engagement ring less than 1000 dollars
engagement ring less than 1000 dollars engagement ring less than 1000 dollars engagement ring less than 1000 dollars


Rings between 1000 and 2000 dollars

Beyond 1000 dollars, you'll have a vast choice of possible ring designs already existing.

You can also decide to realise your project made to measure with small diamonds or turn to more mainstream designs with more expensive stones.

Here is an overview of some of our collection's designs in this price range :

engagement ring less than 2000 dollars engagement ring less than 2000 dollars engagement ring less than 2000 dollars
engagement ring less than 2000 dollars engagement ring less than 2000 dollars engagement ring less than 2000 dollars


Rings between 2000 and 5000 dollars

For this price range, you'll have access to beautiful designs with beautiful diamonds.

You have a good margin of maneuver to make your choice between classic designs or have your ring project made to measure.

engagement ring less than 5000 dollars engagement ring less than 5000 dollars engagement ring less than 5000 dollars


Rings between 5000 and 10000 dollars

Beyond 5000 dollars, you can turn to a custom engagement ring knowing that it's the size and quality of the main diamond that will be the determining factor in the price of your ring.

Here's an example of an engagement ring with a 1.7 carat diamond, the price of which is in this range.

big diamond ring

The detail of the realization of this ring is visible here

5. Engagement rings of big brands

Major jewelry houses of course offer their own designs of engagement rings that are also set with the finest diamonds for far below the average French price.


Certainly the most famous jeweler in the world, it's the design of the ring model 1895 which is the most known and asked, you can discover it here.

ring solitary diamond Jacques cartier

Iconic model of the Cartier brand, the solitaire diamond ring 1895


You'll have a hard time finding the price of this 1895 design online because you have to personally contact Cartier, who will guide you according to the shape and weight of your diamond and give you the price of the ring.

To find more information about the Cartier products and services, I invite you to read this purchase test of a Cartier diamond ring.


Likewise a world-renowned jewelry brand, these one offers sleek designs with solitaire diamond.

To get the precise design prices that inspire you, you'll have to contact a consultant or make an appointment.

You can discover their designs here.

When shopping at Tiffany, remember that diamonds are graded by themselves and not by an independent lab.

I invite you to read this Tiffany engagement ring test to get an idea.


You won't find a price online either for this great jewelry brand. Like the others, the sales process and prices are very controlled.

You can discover their collection here.

Harry Winston

Another large American jewelry house relatively unknown in France. This house only discloses its prices on custom contact and you'll still find it difficult to know the prices without entering their purchase process.

You can discover their collection here.

6. Celebrity engagement rings

To get a little out of the world of "common" engagement rings, here's a glimpse of engagement rings of some celebrities whose prices exceed the understanding.

Kate Middleton's engagement ring

Her ring is not at all the most ostentatious of celebrity rings, it also has a rich history since it was the old wedding ring of Lady Diana.

It's estimated today at 300,000 pounds sterling and consists of a huge 18 carat blue sapphire surrounded by 14 diamonds.

ring kate Middleton

View of blue sapphire from Kate Middleton engagement ring with 14 diamonds

Kim Kardashian's engagement ring 

This celebrity was offered for his engagement with Kanye West a ring estimated between 4 and 5 million dollars, set with a huge 15 carats diamond.

Kim Kardashian engagement ring

Zoomed view on the 15 carat diamond of Kim Kardashian's engagement ring

Meghan Markle's engagement ring

This estimated 300,000 pounds sterling ring features a 3.5 carat cushion-cut main diamond and two round diamonds that belonged to Lady Diana.

Meghan marble engagement ring

View on the 3 diamonds set on Meghan Markle's ring


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