Episcopal rings are part of the ecclesiastical attributes of the bishops who carry off the ring, an episcopal pendant.

These religious attributes visible and authorized by the Catholic Church have evolved over time.

Although the ecclesiastical rings have been discreet since the Second Vatican Council, they were traditionally adorned with a gemstone, the most common being amethyst stone.

We present here the creation of a large bishop's silver ring with a faceted amethyst stone.

episcopal ring with amethyst stone in silver

Diving view on the amethyst stone of our ring, manufactured via our online custom creation service

This is a large signet ring for a man with a US 15 size finger and an amethyst of 36.84 carats, 26 x 21 millimeters in size.

amethyst stone

The design of the ring

The digital sketches of this project are made according to the recommendations of our client in order to obtain a CAD model of the project.
designing an episcopal signet ring with amethyst stone

Openwork ring with large set amethyst

Once the design has been validated, a 3D printing of the digital model makes it possible to obtain a wax model of the ring.

On this ring, it is possible for us to mount the amethyst stone blank to ensure that the ring's dimensions are correct at the crimp.

episcopal wax model ring

Amethyst stone mounted white on the wax model of the ring

We can then, by the casting process, make our silver ring.

The making process


To do so, we first manufacture a mold in refractory plaster containing our wax model, the wax which is then burned in an oven.

That being done, the molten silver can then be poured into the mold.

We thus obtain our ring in a raw silver state.

episcopal ring casted in silver

We can then mount our stone to see the changes to make.

adjusting amethyst stone on silver episcopal ring

View of Amethyst stone posed on raw cast iron ring

We then have to do the touch-ups, the polishing and crimping of the amethyst, in order to obtain this result.

side view of the episcopla silver ring with amethyst

 view of the amethyst stone of the episcopal ring

 unboxing the episcopal ring from its box

The episcopal ring is shown in its ring box

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April 10, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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