The Final Fantasy game is very popular.

Not knowing the universe of this game at all, forgive me if I tell nonsense about this game.

The universe of this game seems to give rise to many creative projects in terms of jewelry designs.

In our case, this is a creation of our client that was inspired by a lion ring of the final fantasy game to create a ring of a winged lion.

Here are the details of manufacture in our jewelry workshop.

Final Fantasy silver ring

Winged lion ring inspired by the final fantasy video game via our online creation service

The ring is composed of a simple ring on which is engraved a lion's head with his mane, wings with his feathers and finally a wing that stands out in 3D from the ring.

For the realization of this project, we started from a digital model that our client provided us, allowing us to use the finesse of detail of the 3D printing to reproduce the wings with its feathers.

Final Fantasy silver ring

View of the CAD model in photo mode

We printed this design, removed the lion head which was not realistic then by the lost wax casting process, produced this silver ring.

Final fantasy silver ring

Silver ring with wing and feather detail produced in silver from the digital model of our client

The lion's head is carved by hand in a piece of wax.

final fantasy silver ring

final fantasy silver ring

Lion's head being sculpted

Our wax sculpture is then made of silver, by the lost wax casting process once again.

final fantasy silver ring

Our ring with wing and the lion's head in silver before assembly

The lion's head is then soldered to the ring.

This photo shows us the detail of the feathers of the wing after the setting up of the lion's head by welding.

Final fantasy silver ring

The silver ring after solder in place of the lion's head

We then have to make wings that will emerge in 3D from the ring.

A sketch is first made with a saw and a file in a shaped silver plate.

It is then adjusted to the ring.

Final fantasy silver ring

Placing the wing on the ring

It is then filed down and adjusted to give it more finesse.

Final fantasy silver ring

The ring is then oxidized and polished to bring out all the details.

Final fantasy silver ring

View showing lion's mane and 3D embossed feathers

Final fantasy silver ring

Detail view showing the feathers of the wing

Final Fantasy silver ring

Zoom on the lion's head

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September 26, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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