We invite you to discover the manufacture of Peruvian natural stones jewelry from the Cusco region, made of 950 silver and genuine stones.

These are particularly colorful jewels and a great diversity of designs inspired by the pre-Hispanic Inca culture.

If we are used to present you the work in our jewelry workshop usually, this time we invite you to the trip to discover the stages of manufacture of these jewels, which you can also discover on our shop here (fr).

Natural stones bracelet

Peruvian colored bracelet made of natural stones and silver 950

We invite you to discover the steps of the manufacture of these jewels coming from the region of Cuzco particularly colored thanks to their natural stones.

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The silver structure of the jewel

Work begins with the silver coming in the form of pure silver shot, which is transformed into 950 silver plates after alloying with copper and rolling to give it its shape.

Pure silver
Pure silver in the state of shot used to make silver 950
950 silver
950 silver plates after rolling


Silver bands are then cut manually and then shaped to form circles of different diameters constituting the jewel.

silver cutting
Manual cutting of silver bands
silver circles
Silver circles made from welded silver strips


The circles are then placed on a silver plate that serves as a base for the jewel.

Then they are welded in place to create the structure that will receive the pieces of natural stones.

Silver solder

Soldering silver coins to a base plate, also in silver

Natural stones from the Cuzco region

The region of Cuzco offers a wide variety of natural colored stones. It is a mountainous region of beauty perched on the Andes mountains very close to the ocean.

As a result, local jewelers use both mountain stones and crustacean shells such as mother-of-pearl, abalone (fr) or spondylus, which can be seen below, ranging from orange to pink.


Spondylus, shell offering a wide gem of colors ranging from pink to orange


Natural chrysocolla stones used to make Peruvian jewelry

The stones and shells are then cut and polished to shape them according to the needs of the design of the jewel.

natural stones pendant

Silver pendants during manufacture, during the adjustment of the fragments of colored stones, these are then glued in place.

natural stones

The craftsman measures the size of the fragments he'll need

natural stones

Cutting a piece of abalone mother-of-pearl


Polishing a piece of mother of pearl of abalone that will go on the pendant presented above

The natural stones found most often on Peruvian jewelry are :

These stones are often used to give a mosaic of colors incorporating an Inca ancestral symbol.

Our own creations of natural stone jewelry

Vivalatina jewelry workshop often has the opportunity to create natural stone jewelry, either on behalf of our customers through custom made creations or for some of our own jewelry sold on the shop.

Here is an overview of silver jewelry created from such stones.

turquoise ring silver snake arm bracelet silver ring with black diamond
Amethyst signet ring Lapis lazuli bangle custom opal stone brooch
Egyptian pendant Scarab lapus lazuli stone Onyx ring
Opal ring Natural stones pendant Turquoise ring


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September 12, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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