Big 18-karat pure gold bracelet for men

Men are generally more attracted by gold signet rings (fr) than on pure gold bracelets.

However, since they wear little jewelry, when they decide for a gold bracelet, it is usually to choose a big 18-karat pure gold bracelet.

This is the case of this two-gold men's bracelet project, made of yellow gold and 18-karat white gold, which we had the opportunity to make in our jewelry workshop.

It is an articulated bracelet composed of 8 large links, themselves articulated to each other by 8 smaller links.

This is a relatively large piece, since the bracelet is 10 millimeters wide for a total gold weight of 65 grams.

big gold bracelet for men

18-karat gold bracelet for men made through our custom jewelry creation service

The peculiarities of this bracelet project were :

  • it had to be made of yellow gold and 18k white gold
  • manufactured according to the customer's design
  • made from gold supplied by the customer
  • the clasp had to be as discreet as possible

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Bracelet design

Our client knew carefully what he wanted, it was all the easier for us to meet his needs and to quantify the cost of making the jewel.

big gold bracelet design

3D view of the two 18k gold men's bracelet project

We still had to do a CAD modeling to evaluate the gold weight of the bracelet.

The measurement of the wrist circumference, as explained here, is imperative in order to fix the length of the bracelet which will allow us to evaluate the final gold weight of the bracelet.

The latter is 10 millimeters wide and 2 millimeters thick. Each link is composed of two pieces, a pure yellow gold frame receiving an insert in 18-karat white gold, welded on the first.

The gold supply

Our upstream study revealed that the bracelet would weigh about 65 grams.

Our client had 79 grams of 18-karat gold of old jewelry that he wanted to recycle in order to carry out his project.

recuperating gold from client

Recovery gold includes a white gold hollow chain and various 18-karat gold jewelry and ingots

The gold is recycled to obtain a large gold nugget of 23.5 carats purity, visible in its crucible during the last melting stage, in the following photo.

big gold bracelet creation

23.5 carats pure gold in the process of solidification after melting

This gold is then remelted in order to make smaller ingots that will be used to make the different pieces.

fine gold ingot for bracelet manufacture

View of our fine gold ingot once gold is melted and poured into a mold

Manufacture of the gold bracelet

If this project uses digital modeling in its design phase, the bracelet is entirely made manually on the jeweler's bench.

The preparation of pieces in pure gold

The previously obtained fine gold is mixed with other metals to obtain 18-karat yellow gold in one case and 18-karat white gold in the other.

big gold bracelet manufacture

View of a small fine gold ingot with the alloy metal that will give it its white color

The resulting 18-karat gold is then laminated to obtain strips of metal that will be cut.

big gold bracelet creation

This view shows the three stages of manufacturing a 18-karat yellow gold rectangular plate that will be used to manufacture a link of our bracelet.

These plates are then put to the required dimensions and then filed in the central part to clear the place for the white gold insert.

big gold bracelet creation

View of the different stages of transformation of the yellow gold laminate to obtain a link of the bracelet.

big gold bracelet creation

The same procedure is used to make the white gold inserts and the yellow gold small links.

The links are then perforated to prepare their assembly, as a hinge.

big gold bracelet creation

This gives a batch of pieces ready to be assembled.

big gold bracelet creation

The white gold inserts are then adjusted to the yellow gold links.

big gold bracelet creation

Assembly of the bracelet links

All our parts having been prepared, it is then possible to assemble the various parts by welding.

big gold bracelet creation

View of the white gold pieces soldered on their yellow gold support

Links are then bent one-to-one to give them the curvature of the closed bracelet.

big gold bracelet creation

Detail view of a link of the bent bracelet, then below all of the 8 links of our bracelet ready for assembly.

big gold bracelet creation

We can now proceed to the blank assembly tests of the hinge pins between our different links.

big gold bracelet creation

We notice the axes of the hinges, made with 18-karat yellow gold thread passed through a die

When the adjustments are good, we can then weld the hinges in place.

big gold bracelet creation

Solder a hinge in place.

The excess of the axis that is protruding is cut and then filed down.

This photo shows our bracelet taking shape before the finishing operations and the realization of the clasp.

big gold bracelet creation

Bracelet in the process of retouching the axes of the hinges following their welding

Following the polishing operations, we can admire the final rendering.

big gold bracelet for men

big gold bracelet for men

big gold bracelet for men

big gold bracelet for men

Finally, we test the final weight of the bracelet for a target weight of 65 grams, we are good but we were lucky because it is always very difficult to end up with the exact weight for a project as heavy gold .

big gold bracelet for men


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September 10, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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