The necklace presented here is made in 18-karat gold, it's made of large original links made to measure.

This is a 18-karat yellow gold necklace for men weighing just over 45 grams. Suffice to say that by its design and weight, it's very different from the gold necklaces that we offer in our collection of gold necklace (fr).

This is a long yellow gold necklace, measuring 60 centimeters long, with forty links.

Each link represents a sliding knot-like knot made of coiled gold thread imitating a rope.

Big gold necklace

Detail view of the large links of the necklace and the gold clasp, necklace made to measure via our online service

We will detail the different manufacture operations of this necklace.

Here is an overview of other gold necklaces made in our jewelry workshop :

forcat maille necklace big custom necklace gold necklace with emerald

Links design of the necklace

CAD is a tool that allows us to develop the design of our necklace to ensure that it conforms to the needs of our customer.

Here is the picture we used as a model to draw and then make the knot-shaped knit for our necklace.


Rope knot

CAD modeling also allows us to estimate the amount of pure gold needed to make the necklace.

Gold necklace design
Mailles design view in 3D CAD
All aspects of the collar (size, width, weight, etc.) can be analyzed before going on to manufacture
This step allows us to validate the design, evaluate the weight of gold, the amount of work and make the project quote.

Links manufacture

Our work begins with the production of an 18-karat yellow gold wire, which is calibrated by passing it through a die.

gold wire

18-karat gold wire passing through the die

It is several meters of gold wire that must be made to make the necklace. The thread appears grayish here having been heated and dirty, but it is indeed yellow gold which will let appear its brightness after the polishing of the stitches of the necklace.

pure gold wire

Gold wire used for the manufacture of links

This wire is then twisted to create a rigid gold rope. We notice the rope aspect given to gold.

Although rigid, this twisted wire remains flexible, allowing us to form links.

gold wire

Pure gold rope  

Gold link

 Gold link manufacture

gold maille

Set of 5 links of the necklace in pure gold

Once the polishing done, we can appreciate the brilliance of gold.

big gold necklace

View of pure gold links of our necklace for men

It remains to manufacture all the links and to assemble them.

big gold necklace

Overview of the finalized necklace

Gold clasp 

The clasp is made according to the same principle with a wire of larger diameter.

This is a Toggle clasp, it is a wide ring and a T that allow easy installation and a good security of the clasp.

big gold necklace

View of both ends of the gold clasp

big gold necklace

The clasp with the T passed through the ring, firmly ensuring the closure of the necklace

We can then appreciate the final rendering.

big gold necklace

View of the gold necklace on a bust


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September 17, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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