Although the claddagh ring is of Irish origin, it is known throughout the world.

It is offered either to make engagement requests or to be worn as a wedding ring.

This symbol of love or friendship has surpassed the Irish community alone because of the symbolism it represents.

So, how did this little Irish ring seduce so many couples to choose her to apply for an engagement, Irish or not ?

gold claddagh ring

View of a claddagh wedding ring in 18-karat gold

We invite you to discover the stages of the creation of a pure gold claddagh ring as well as the centuries-old history of this world-famous ring design.

Claddagh, a secular history

It was in the 17th century that the design of the Claddagh ring was born in the village of the same name in Ireland.

This fishing village is glued to the city of Galway, it is located between the city and the sea as shown on this map.

Irish village map

On the next view you have a good idea of where this village is in Ireland.

Ireland map

If the period in which appeared the design of this ring is about known, one knows little about the origin of its design.

Various legends circulate on this subject and I invite you to read the wikipedia file on this subject in order to read it.

The conventional design of this ring is that of a heart surmounted by a crown and presented by two hands.

Nothing destined this original design developed in a small Irish fishing village to become known around the world.

It was during the great famine that took place in Ireland from 1845 to 1849, that many Irish emigrated to the United States and elsewhere, spreading with them the design and legends surrounding the claddagh ring.

Today, this design is so well known, that many stars have adopted, including the poet and singer Jim Morrison among others.

The custom claddagh ring project

The ring we made is the result of a custom manufacture of an 18-karat yellow gold claddagh ring set with zirconium oxides at the heart and side jambs of the ring.

The size 46 ring is small and the details must be proportional to it, especially as regards the size of the stones.

gold claddaph ring

Closeup of stones set by claws on the heart

Creation of the design

Based on the wishes expressed by our client, we made a design sketch adapted to the finger size of his future fiancée.
claddaph ring design

Dimensions of the various symbols of the Irish ring

The use of the computer tool allows us from the digital model to observe virtual photos of the ring before its launch in manufacturing.

claddaph ring design

Once the design is validated as good, we can start manufacturing the metal ring.

Manufacture of the ring 

First, we use 3D printing to print the resin model of our ring project.

This is obtained in gold by the lost wax casting process.

Our resin model is used as a master to make a refractory plaster mold that once dry is burned at more than 700 ° C to destroy our model ring, leaving only its footprint in the mold.

The molten gold is then poured into the mold by folding all the cavities left by our resin model.

gold claddaph ring

View of the ring at the end of the cast

It remains to deburr, file, detail, polish and crimp the stones to finalize the ring, giving us the following result :

gold claddaph ring

gold claddaph ring

gold claddaph ring in its case


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September 23, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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