The making of a ring with a coin is a piece of classic jewelry.

Whatever the time or the country, there are relics or ancient gold or silver coin mounted on rings.

These coins can be mounted or crimped or be bent in order to partially compose the ring body.

Still today in France, many people custom made rings with gold coins called Louis d'or, or Napoléon coins that have historical value as well as pecuniary. While in the US, people are looking for eagle or Mexican gold coin to be mounted on a ring.

gold coin ring for men

Men gold coin ring in 18k gold, custom made through our online service

As we will see in this article, the project that follows, we describe the creation of a men's ring surmounted by a relief engraving taken from the coat of arms of Portugal present on a Portuguese coin struck in 1948.

Ring design from vintage gold coin

Our ring design is that of a simple signet ring topped with the embossed copy of the face of an old Portuguese coin.

vintage portuguese coin for gold ring making

This is a silver coin while the project of the ring is solid yellow 18k gold. Because it is not possible for us to mount the piece on the ring, we will have to reproduce the pattern.

We then use the computer tool to create a 3D modeling of the ring showing the engraving of the face of the piece by making a modification to the date of 1948 replaced by 1984.

numeric design of gold coin ring

Numeric model of the men's coin ring project

This virtual mock-up allows us to modify the source design at the same time and to ensure that the final rendering is fully in line with the expectations of the project sponsor.

gold coin ring for men

Rendering view of the gold coin ring project before making

Once the design is validated, we can start the physical manufacture of our ring by the 3D printing process to obtain a resin model of our ring.

wax model of gold coin ring design

Wax model of the coin ring before the casting process

Gold making of the ring

In possession of the resin physical model of our ring project, we can move to the lost wax casting stage.

A refractory plaster mold is created, containing our resin model. The latter is then burned out in order to sublimate the resin model which leaves a hollow space in the mold.

The molten yellow gold is then poured into the mold, the liquid gold then occupying the space left vacant by our resin model.

This video shows the steps of this process.

This process allows us to obtain our raw gold ring in accordance with the digital design and physical model obtained by 3D printing.

18k gold coin ring design from casting process

Gold coin ring after the casting process, note the rough state of gold

As you can see in this picture, we can see on the cast rough ring all the details of the coat of arms of Portugal visible on the reference coin shown at the beginning of the article.

Starts then the detailing process and the polishing of the ring and details of the engraving on the plate.

view of the gold coin design on the ring

Front view of the coin molded on top of the gold ring

large gold coin ring for men

large size gold coin ring on ring finger

Gold coin ring wore on the ring finger


Here are some examples of manufacturing of gold rings with engravings of blazons, medals, coats of arms or seals made in our workshop:

religious gold ring for men templar gold signet ring military ring for men


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May 03, 2019 — Nicolas Tranchant

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