Although the heart-shaped pendant is a classic jewelery gift for women, there are endless ways to personalize such a jewel.

Indeed, if you want to get away from the classic 18-karat gold heart pendant personalized by the engraving of a simple name, you can totally embark on the creation of an original heart design that will please your spouse.

This is the case of this project that we could make in our jewelry workshop.

This is a big heart pendant 18-karat gold added 13 small hearts cut in the center, 14 hearts in total by counting the shape of heart detaching the pendant.

Gold heart pendant

Heart pendant made through our custom jewelry creation service

An important note, despite the large size of this design, since the pendant is still 40 * 40 millimeters, the weight of 18-karat yellow gold is only 11 grams, which is very reasonable.

This example of a pendant shows that with a little imagination, it is quite possible to create a large gold pendant in disproportionately inflate the price of the jewel because of the weight of gold.

Manufacture with bench pin 

The pendant was made entirely at the ankle because of its simplicity. As a reminder, the jewelery anklet is this protruding piece of wood from the jeweler's workbench that is used to lean to work with metals such as silver or gold).

The design

Our creative work begins with a CAD model to model the jewel and evaluate its final weight, allowing us to make the quote accurately.

Digital model heart pendant

Views of the digital modeling of the project of heart-shaped pendant and in 18-karat yellow gold

This step of 3D modeling is important, since it allows us to predict the 18-karat gold weight of the future jewel during the project's encryption, something that is not easy without the computer tool since the laminated gold plate that we used to make the pendant weighs at the very beginning of the project more than 30 grams (for only 11 grams in the end).

The shape of the curved pendant and the heart-shaped recesses don't make the estimation easy without the computer tool.

Manufacturing and cutting

Our manufacturing work begins with the rolling of a 18-carat yellow gold plate large enough for our project.

That's about 45 * 45 millimeters and weighing a little over 30 grams.

On the plate is glued the paper print our drawing of the pendant at 1: 1 scale.

This plate is then perforated at the level of the small hearts then these are cut with the saw.

Heart pendant

Here is what our pendant looks like seen in reverse cut heart in the 18-karat yellow gold plate, the pendant is placed on the jeweler's bench pin

Once all the hearts are cut, the outer shape of the heart is always cut off.

Heart pendant cut

View of the pendant once heated to burn the paper drawing of our pendant that guided the hand during cutting

After superficial cleaning, the yellow gold is revealed to our eyes.

Heart pendant

View of the pendant after cutting having openwork and cut out the heart shapes of the pendant

Final rendering after polishing yellow gold

At this point, the pendant is curved. It is gently struck while in place in a bowl-shaped wooden crucible to give it its final shape.

The bail of the pendant is made with a gold wire shaped and welded after assembly on the pendant.

The latter is then fully polished, letting us admire the warm reflections of yellow gold.

Heart pendant

Pendant finalized, we notice the bail and the curved shape of the jewel

Heart pendant

These different views, show the pendant on a bust, as it will be worn mounted on a gold necklace, Venetian chain in this case (fr).

gold heart pendant

View of the heart pendant on a bust

gold heart pendant

Views showing the detail of the heart shapes of the 18-karat yellow gold women's pendant

gold heart pendant


Here are other ideas for heart pendant designs from our 18-karat gold pendant collection :

Heart pendant Heart pendant


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October 11, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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