Heart shaped pendant in 18k gold

The heart-shaped pendant is a classic gift to women as a sign of love.

The variety of possible designs allows customizing this kind of pendant.

Indeed, the heart can be small, large and openwork, curved, articulated with or without stones, in short, ideas abound to personalize a design of a classic pendant in a unique jewel.

In this case, it is a large heart-shaped pendant in 18K yellow gold measuring 40x40 millimeters.

But because it is openwork pierced with little hearts, thus reducing the total weight of the jewel, the price of the heart pendant is still affordable.

This one weighs only 11 grams with the bail despite the size of the jewel. It would have been twice as heavy without the small hearts pierced inside.

large 18k heart shaped pendant

Heart pendant made through our custom jewelry creation service

Our creative work begins with a CAD model to model the jewel and evaluate its final weight, allowing us to make the quote accurately.

design of gold heart pendant

This modeling allows us to predict the 18k gold weight of the future jewel

Our metal work begins with the rolling of an 18-carat yellow gold plate large enough for our project.

This plate is then perforated at the level of the small hearts then these are cut with the saw.

cutting out the small heart shapes of the solid gold pendant

Here is what our pendant looks like from the back, we are about to cut the small hearts in the 18-karat yellow gold plate

Once all the hearts cut, the shape of the heart is cut out in the final phase and the pendant is shaped to give it a convex shape.

The bail is made then the fully polished pendant.

18k yellow gold pendant

Pendant finalized, we notice the bail and the curved shape of the jewel

These different views, show the gold heart pendant necklace on a bust, as it will be worn.

gold heart pendant necklace

heart shaped pendant necklace in solid gold

 Heart shaped gold pendant necklace on a bust showing the yellow gold glow

Here are other examples of heart-shaped pendants we have made in our jewelry workshop, in solid gold or sterling silver:

solid gold heart shaped pendant diamond heart gold pendant silver pendant necklace


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October 18, 2018 — Hugo Maherault

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