Lapis lazuli stone offers an unparalleled shade of deep blue, ideal for making jewelry by combining it with gold or silver.

If you follow our publications on making jewelry, you must have seen our different jewelry achievements with this stone.

This time, we are going to present you the steps of making a necklace in 18-karat white gold, with natural lapis lazuli stone (fr).

As often, the stone will be tailor-made for our jewel.

The detail of this project is a small white diamond of 3 millimeters of quality HSI, set by 4 claws which overhangs the jewel.

lapis lazuli necklace

View of the necklace showing the stone of deep blue lapis lazuli made through our custom jewelry creation service

choker necklace wit black pearl pendant gold necklace with emerald stone diy silver necklace with white pearls


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Manufacture of the white gold support

The gold body receiving the stone comes from a small 18-karat white gold bullion rolled to obtain a plaque.

necklace manufacture

18-karat white gold laminated plate to support the stone

On this plate are welded pieces of white gold shaped and derived from a rolled gold wire visible below.

necklace manufacture

Rolled gold wire from which are made the various elements added on our plate

The plate is then cut according to the contours of the design of the pendant.

necklace manufacture

At this point, a piece of lapis lazuli stone is cut roughly to fit into the housing provided on the jewel.

The details of this operation as well as the finishing of the stone are explained in the following chapter.

necklace manufacture

View of the gold support and the stone not yet sided

Following this, we can prepare the various missing metal pieces of the jewel, namely the diamond crimp holder and the bail.

The diamond set is prepared from our laminated gold wire.

necklace manufacture

Then it is welded in place at the top of the jewel.

necklace manufacture

In the same way, the bail is prepared and welded in place, on the back of the jewel to remain completely invisible when the necklace will be worn around the neck.

necklace manufacture


At this point, our work can then be focused on cutting the stone.

Laying lazuli lapis stone

We started from a raw piece of lapis lazuli in which we cut a piece.

This piece is then shaped in order to fit just in its housing on the jewel on which it is glued in order to be able to shape the stone on the same support in gold.

This guarantees us that the edges of the gold coin and those of the stone are perfectly joined.

You can discover in image the steps of cutting, cutting and polishing the stone on this video.

The lapis lazuli stone is soft and therefore works very well with diamond tools.

It is first filed and then polished with the appropriate tools to give the following result :

lapis lazuli white gold necklace

lapis lazuli white gold necklace

lapis lazuli white gold necklace


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September 10, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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