Lapis lazuli stone is notable because of its intense opaque blue color called ultramarine blue.

Used for over 7000 years by man, it is not surprising that it is still used to adorn jewelry.

The lapis stone is characterized by the presence sometimes of splinters of yellow pyrite which gives the impression of a milky way of gold flakes of the most beautiful effect.

The ring we present here is adorned with a fine lapis lazuli stone surrounding a 2 mm central diamond.

The ring is in 18-karat yellow gold, weighing 6 grams, it's 13 mm in diameter of the level of the stone.

Gold lapis lazuli ring

Lapis lazuli ring in gold, from our online creation service

Drawing of the ring project

At the origin of the project, our client wanted to associate lapis lazuli stone with diamond on a gold mount.

His choice fell on a lapis lazuli stone studded with pyrite to obtain the effect of a starry sky.

Natural lapis lazuli stone

Natural lapis lazuli stone with pyrite inlay

Digital model

The design of our client is then modeled in CAD to shape her ring project. The round lapis stone is clearly visible attracting the eye while a small diamond of 2 millimeters occupies the central square of the ring tray.

CAD lapis lazuli ring

Digital modeling of the project before manufacture

For this design, the diamond is set on gold connected to the body of the ring by a tube passing through the lapis lazuli stone. The cut of the stone will therefore be a delicate operation conducted in our jewelry workshop.

3D Printing

At this stage, the project in the form of a digital model can be validated by the customer and then started in production. It begins with the 3D printing of a wax master of our ring design.

ring wax model

Wax model of the ring used to make the mold

Manufacture in 18-karat gold

We then use this wax master to make a refractory plaster mold in which the molten yellow gold will be cast. This production process called "lost wax casting" is millenary.

It allows us to get the 18-karat yellow gold ring as it appears below in raw cast metal.

Gold lapis lazuli ring

Cast iron ring

The ring is then cleaned, deburred and lapiz lazuli stone is cut and shaped in order to fit better to its housing in the ring.

Gold ring with lapis lazuli stone

View of lapis lazuli stone shaping being adjusted on the ring

Gold lapis lazuli ring

Then the diamond can be crimped into place at the center of the ring.

It is a small diamond of 2 millimeters diameter HSI quality.

Gold ring

View of the diamond set in the center of the ring

We can now put the lapis lazuli stone and polish the final ring.

Gold lapis lazuli ring

Gold lapis lazuli ring

Gold lapis lazuli ring

Bottom view of the ring showing the perforated basket of the ring

Gold lapis lazuli ring

Gold lapis lazuli ring

View of the ring on the jeweler's workbench

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September 27, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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