Freemasonry has existed for centuries and uses symbols from its origins in the art of building.

This is how one finds almost systematically on the Masonic creations the compass and the square, the basic tools of the builders of the ancient time.

It should be noted that these symbols are also shared with the companions of duty.

It is therefore normal to see on most masonic rings these symbols reproduced in the form of engravings or moldings.

In the case of the project presented here, it is an 18 karat white-gold Freemason ring surmounted by a natural onyx stone receiving in its center the square and the 18-carat yellow gold compass.

gold mazonic ring

Freemason ring made in 18 carat white and yellow gold, via our custom-made ring creation service

Ring design

The design of the ring is thought by our customer, based on one of our gold signet ring patterns from our collection, which you can see here.

gold eagle signet ring

Our CAD design work will therefore consist, according to the customer's request, of removing all the diamonds, replacing the two-headed eagle with the Masonic symbol of the square and the compass.

We will also have to replace the support of the white gold eagle with an onyx stone and make all the engravings around the ring plate.

And this, in order to obtain this result:

freemason ring cad design

Virtual rendering of our ring project (you can click to enlarge)

Once the project is validated, we can start manufacturing.

Fabrication of the ring body and the Masonic symbol

A 3D printer allows us to manufacture the wax models of the three pieces of our ring from the computer files of the CAD model made beforehand.

By the lost wax casting process we get our gold ring bodies.

casting rods of the masonic ring in white gold

View of our casting rod with two white gold ring bodies

white gold masonic ring out of foundry

Detail view of engraving on the ring body

masonic symbols in yellow gold

Masonic symbol in 18 karat yellow gold after the casting process

two parts of the ring body of the masonic ring

View of the white gold ring body and the yellow gold inner ring

Once the pieces are made of gold, we need to deburr them and pre-polish them to start their assembly by welding.

gold ring parts welded together

We took the opportunity to go over to detail the square

At this point, we need the onyx stone to continue making the ring.

The onyx stone cutting

For our onyx stone, there are not 36 solutions, we will have to do it ourselves.

Indeed, its geometry is by no means standard, and to get a good fit on the ring body, it will be necessary to cut it by assembling blank on the latter.

We start from a large block of natural onyx, cut with a diamond disc and water.

cutting a rough onyx stone

The onyx stone is fragile, it must be cooled when it is cut to prevent it from breaking

We obtain a piece that is reworked by successive cuts so as to gradually give it the shape of a rounded cross.

onyx cutting process

View of the stone mounted on a support with jeweler's wax to rework the contours

Following are various roughing operations to gradually give him his curves.

sanding the onyx stone with sandpaper 

shaping the onyx stone step by step

The onyx stone being polished to give it its convex curvature

onyx stone finished after polishing

Finished stone after polishing

The stone is then perforated with two small holes in which are mounted glued the lugs of the Masonic symbol.

Here is a video summary of the different steps of the size of the onyx cabochon:

Following the final polishing of the ring, we can appreciate the result of the work done:

gold masonic ring

Masonic ring seen from different angles

internal view of a masonic ring

gold masonic ring wore on finger


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More information:


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