When it comes to making an original gift, on the occasion of a birth, a birthday or a particular family event such as the wedding, jewelry customization is an idea that hits all shots.

This is the case of the customization of an 18-karat gold bracelet with the first names of a couple's children, as we will see in this article.

Note that this type of customization extends to other jewels as shown in this gold names necklace (fr) or this 18-karat gold name ring project also (fr).

gold name bracelet

Zoomed view of the three personalized names of the gold bracelet

gold name bracelet

Bracelet with three golden names made to measure via our online creative service

As with any jewelry project made to measure, it's necessary to define the need by measuring the length of the bracelet and fixing its width, it will obviously impact the 18-karat gold weight of the bracelet.

Bracelet design 

The definition of the need, or the specifications if you prefer, was to make a name bracelet 4 mm wide at the level of the first names that would all be attached to each other, with a horse chain maille (fr), made-to-measure in our jewelry workshop, 2 millimeters wide.

You can also discover here how is manufactured such chain horse 18-karat gold (fr). Knowing that other meshes are possible, this guide on the chain maille weaves will give you an idea of what is feasible to do.

gold name bracelet design

Our project begins with the CAD modeling of the design of the three names in order to respect the font chosen by our client.

The names are Naël, Loenn and Nathéo, united in a rounded font.

In order to gain in width, given the size of the wrist of the person who will wear the bracelet, the first names are compressed with the last letter of the first two first names which is the same as that of the next.

We then came to this drawing of the three names :

god names bracelet

The three first names constituting our 18-karat gold bracelet

Once the design is finalized and validated by the customer, we can proceed to the manufacture of the 18-karat yellow gold bracelet.

Handmade confection of the jewel

This project brings together different manufacturing processes.

Manufacture at the bench pin for the horse links in gold and manufacture by the millenary process of casting with lost wax for the three first names.

I won't detail the manufacture of the horse chain maille here since you can find it in this article of our blog (fr).

The manufacture of the custom gold piece of the three first names begins with the printing in three dimensions of a model in wax.

wax model

We then get our piece, exact replica of the digital model in a material (a resin) that will then allow us to make a refractory plaster mold.

The mold is first heated to burn our wax model, leaving a gap in the mold, then the molten gold is poured into the mold.

This video summarizes the steps of this process :

We then get our 18-karat yellow gold piece, as you can see below in the foundry state.

gold name bracelet

The three names in yellow gold 750/1000 of our bracelet at the end of the cast

At this point we must sand and file the piece to give it its smooth and polished gold look.

At the same time, we made a yellow gold horse chain, a chain that is linked to the names.

gold name bracelet

View of pure gold chain and its ratchet clasp

Once polished in full, we can observe our finished bracelet :

gold name bracelet

gold name bracelet

View of the finished bracelet

The advantage of this kind of custom bracelets is that all the subsets are customizable, the number of names, the size of the letters, the type of font and the style of the chain.

If you would like to have your name bracelet project encrypted, contact us via our online form.

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For further :

June 16, 2021 — Hugo Maherault


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Can I get a quote for a women’s bracelet with one name on it please. The name is Harlow Ray. Thank you

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