Gold opal ring

Opals are delicate gemstones.

By their mode of formation, they are highly hydrated and are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. So you have to take care of it. This must be taken into account when choosing an opal for your jewel project.

There are different kinds of opals, noble opals and Mexican fire opals are the best known.

In this case, it is the manufacture of a yellow gold ring with a Mexican fire opal accompanied by a small brilliant diamond.
18k gold opal ring
 Opal ring made to measure via our online creation service

The creation of this ring begins with the choice of the opal that will be set.
mexican fire opals
 Opals of fire from the opal mines of Magdalena de los

Once the opal has been chosen, you can begin the work of rolling the gold.

Here 18-carat yellow gold.

In order to create the ring and set the stones.

A laminated gold plate is cut into a thin strip of metal to create the setting of the opal.
laminated yellow gold for making the opal setting
creation of the setting of the opal
The strip is then cut, adjusted and welded.
finalization of the gold set
View of the plate on which will be welded the set, and the opal stone next to
finalization of the gold set of opal
Soldering of the gold set on a plate also in gold

At this point, we can begin making the ring of our ring.

A small 18-carat yellow gold bar is rolled into a wire and then passed through a die to give it the right diameter.
bar used to make the ring body receiving the opal stone
gold wire used to make the ring body
 Our round wire has been filed to refine its ends that will be welded to stones

The wire can then be shaped on a triboulet and welded at its ends.
gold ring body

We then have the ring body and the closed set of opal that are ready.
ring body and opal setting

We still have to prepare the diamond support for the closed setting of the latter.

This is a piece of round wire in which will be drilled a hole and then set the round diamond of 1.5 mm.
the subset of the manufacturing of our gold opal ring
soldering of the stones of the gold ring
The round wire is pierced then the diamond crimped on it by a closed setting
finalized ring with opal remaining crimped in place
gold ring resting on his opal

At this point we can then crimp the opal.

This operation is done in the last considering the fragility of the stone, one thus avoids to spoil it by putting it in place at the very end of the manufacture.
opal setting on gold ring

We can then admire the final rendering.
gold opal ring on the jeweler's workbench
 18k yellow gold ring with fire opal stone
gold opal ring with diamond
opal ring on the finger
gold opal ring engraving
View of the internal engraving of the ring
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March 12, 2018 by Nicolas Tranchant
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