For lovers of Portugal or descendants of Portuguese migrants, wearing a jewel stamped with the image of the country of origin of their family represents a strong emotional symbol.

It is possible to wear the image of Portugal as a pendant, the map of Portugal is well suited, or in the form of a ring engraved with the symbol of this country, as we will see here.

Portugal gold ring

Example of 18-karat gold Portugal ring

In the case of the project presented here, it is a Portuguese sailing vessel (a caravel) symbol of the maritime history of this country that is represented.

Note that Portugal is not the only country that can be symbolized in the form of a jewel since we have already had the opportunity to make a type of ring or pendant for customers of different origins:

Guadeloupe ring maure head pendant Mayotte pendant

Ring design

The design of the ring desired by our client is relatively simple, it is a signet ring with a large round tray reproducing a Portuguese coin.

Portuguese silver coin

The original coin being silver and our customer wanting a gold ring, so we had the mission to reproduce the design of this piece engraved on the plate of the ring, the amounts of the ring remaining smooth.

The model used as an example is a coin from Portugal struck with a caravel is visible here :

Portuguese coin

Portuguese silver coin engraved on the ring

The digital model

The drawing engraved on this piece was reproduced by CAD on a ring of the type signet ring modifying the date of 1948 by 1984.

visual coin design

ring design

View of the rendering digital model for project validation by the client

Manufacture in gold 

We won't go back to the manufacture steps whose details are visible via this article (fr).

Here are some images of the stages of this ring project with the image of Portugal.

This model allows us to print in 3D a model in wax then allowing us to obtain the ring in 18-karat gold.

wax model ring

Portugal ring

Portuguese ring in raw gold at the end of the cast

Portugal ring

Ring worn on the finger

Others examples of Portugal ring 

If you are working on a similar project, here are some examples of rings creations inspired by the theme of Portugal :

Portugal ring Portugal ring


For further :

September 23, 2019 — Hugo Maherault



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Hello I’m am interested in the Portugal signet ring on your site. I would like to know how much that piece costs.

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