Scorpion is a symbolic animal, having its own constellation and its place in Greek mythology.

Symbol of desire and passion, it is an excellent subject for the making of zodiac-inspired jewels.

If we had the opportunity to make many animal-inspired jewelry, this is the first scorpion topic we had the opportunity to make.

It's a signet ring representing a scorpion in the sand with a 2.5 mm HSI diamond on the tail and initials buried in the sand facing the scorpion.

Scorpio signet ring

Front view of the scorpion ring showing the sandy bottom, the diamond and the initials buried at the bottom left, manufactured via our online service

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Ring design

The creation of this ring project is divided into 4 stages :

  • digital model
  • 3D printing of the master of the ring
  • white gold manufacture
  • setting of the diamond and finishes

The digital model

Once is not customary, our sponsor already has the CAD model of his project.

So much so that our work was greatly facilitated since we already had a working base for manufacturing.

Given his desire to have this ring in 18-karat white gold and given the anticipated weight of almost 30 grams, we had to rework the model to obtain a weight of about 20 grams in 18-karat gold.

Scorpio ring design

In the center the initial model with different views of the lightened model on both sides

3D printing of the resin ring

Once the digital model has been modified, it's possible to proceed to the manufacture of a wax by 3D printing.

Wax model ring

This step allows us to produce a resin master exactly according to the digital model, in every detail. This master will serve us later to manufacture the metal ring.

Ring manufacture

Thanks to the master made previously, we manufacture a refractory plaster mold in which the molten white gold will be cast. Once the mold heated, the master wax is destroyed by sublimation and the empty footprint left in the mold can receive the liquid metal.

This video shows the steps of this process called : lost wax casting.

We thus obtain our white gold scorpion ring as it appears raw casting.

Scorpio gold ring

Zoom on the raw foundry ring, we see perfectly the anatomical details of the scorpion and the location of the diamond

Diamond setting and finishes

We can then go to finishing, polishing and crimping the diamond at the level of the scorpion sting.

Here is a first rendering.

Scorpio ring

Front view showing the 2.5 mm HSI diamond

Scorpio ring

On this view, we can see the initials coming out of the sand

At this point, we can rhodium the ring to give it its bright white appearance.

Scorpio ring

Views of the rhodium ring

Scorpio ring

 Scorpio ring in its case

The ring in its case

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September 29, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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