The hand of Fatma is a talisman with millennial origins protecting his wearer from the evil eye.

It is very common in North Africa and Middle East, not being specialist, wikipedia page will tell you better than me about this talisman that we made in 18K white gold for our client.

hamso white gold pendant customized

White gold Hamsa pendant custom made in our workshop

This is a big jewel since with a height of 80 millimeters in height, the pendant in 18 caratas gold still weighs 35 grams.

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What for a classic gem is just a formality turned out here a little challenges. Indeed, this jewel to be made from an 18k white gold plate, we had to gather no less than 110 grams of gold to laminate a plate large enough for cutting the pendant.

Our work began with the realization of the white gold alloy to obtain a small ingot.

18k white gold bar for white gold pendant making

18k white gold bar weighing more than 100 grams used for the pendant making

After milling the gold bar, we obtain a thin plate large enough to cut the contours of the pendant.

cutting our the hamsa pattern in a white gold plate

The design of our hand-shaped pendant Fatma is then glued on the gold plate to serve as a guide.

Making of the pendant

As you can see, the drawing was prepared with the initials customizing the pendant and the location of the sapphire in the center.

The cut can then begin.

cutting patterns in white gold for fatma hand pendant

The cutout of patterns of the gold pendant

To proceed, we begin by cutting the openings of the pendant.

For this, we drill a hole in each obviously to pass our saw blade to cut the opening concerned.

It is a long and tedious job since there are more than a hundred to do meticulously.

Which ends by trimming the pendant in the same way.

white gold hamsa making

The pendant after cutting out all thepatternss

The edges are then retouched, the polished pendant, the finalized trimming of the initial and the bail is manufactured and then mounted on the pendant.

hamsa pendant in white gold

See the white gold color before rhodizing the pendant

The sapphire can then be mounted by an enclosed setting and rhodium jewel to give it the final touch.

white gold hamsa pendant with sapphire

personalized hamsa gold pendant


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October 17, 2018 — Nicolas Tranchant

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