To make an original gift, make a custom made jewel to the taste of the person is a sure way to please and surprise the recipient.

Whether you want to make a jewel on the animal theme like here, or have a custom made pendant (fr) or a personalized ring, we have detailed this in our blog articles mentioned.

Making a piece of jewelry requires knowing how to define the design of your jewel and find the right craftsman jeweler who can make the manufacture of it.

We are going to present you here how the design and manufacturing process takes place in our Vivalatina jewelry workshop.

We invite you to follow the design and manufacture of a bracelet for men in wood and silver.

You'll find here other examples of custom silver bracelets (fr).

pendant pendant silver bracelet
silver bracelet lapuzi pendant pendant


Determine the jewel design 

As often, the design of this jewel is born from an idea to associate silver with precious wood while creating a duality of materials between polished state and raw state.

Two pieces of wood will be encrusted in the jewel, separated by a diagonal silver, on one side the silver and the wood will be polished and on the other it will be in the rough for wood and brushed for silver.

Manufacture begins with a quick 2D sketch on a sheet of paper to visualize the imagined design of the jewel in more detail, and then a drawing in perspective makes it easier to see the rendering in 3D.


The jewel design to be made makes it possible to realize the concept imagined at the beginning and to check if the rendering is in conformity with the initial idea.

As you can see here, we've added on the original concept silver rivets that reinforce the rustic side of the jewel. Once the result is satisfactory, we proceed to the realization of a more neat and color drawing of the jewel to make.


The detailed design of the jewel represents the different shades of wood associated with silver, as well as its integration with the watchband type leather strap.

This jewel design is not intended either to be a work of art and doesn't represent the state of the brushed silver that will be worked for the final rendering of the jewel.

When you ask for a jewel, we follow these design steps to suggest ideas and suggest variations around your original idea. We can test different colors of stone, or different combinations of stone to choose the favorite design.

Jewelry manufacture

This jewel is made from a laminated pure silver plate. Parts are cut and soldered together to form a box receiving the piece of precious wood.

jewel draft jewel draft jewel draft


The jewel design is entirely made with compartments for precious wood inlaid later, the silver separator and rivets. We can then cut the pieces of wood and integrate them into the jewel.

woodcut woodcut woodcut


Here the wood is glued in place with resin, then the excess resin and wood are sanding away until flush with the silver edge of the jewel. One of the pieces of wood is polished while the other retains its raw appearance. The jewel is then almost finished, it remains to polish and make the leather strap on which it will be mounted.

In the end we obtain this result compared to the original drawing before production :

bracelet for men


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August 19, 2019 — Hugo Maherault

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